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  1. You couldnt be more of a douche. I was card dead and shoved with 10bb's left when people limped. It was pretty standard and you trying to get a rise out of me is even more standard.
  2. Ya I got short and shoved on a steal, SB woke up with a pair and it held. out in 371st, gl to anyone leftPivvy: go play in traffic.
  3. Funny hand*** TURN *** [4s 4c 4h] [4d]Zackattak13: checks goboarm: bets 201 and is all-inZackattak13: calls 201*** RIVER *** [4s 4c 4h 4d] [Jc]*** SHOW DOWN ***Zackattak13: shows [Kh Jh] (four of a kind, Fours)goboarm: shows [Ac 8d] (four of a kind, Fours - Ace kicker)goboarm collected 1527 from pot
  4. Can you not read? I only read there was an AA in the hand. Didnt even notice the guy with 10 8. Notice my edit? durrrrrrr
  5. I like Filet mignon cause its boneless and thick as a brick.Ex_Matt @ toronto
  6. 10 = 2nd nuts obvJJ > AA on that board making it the 3rd nuts. 97 isn't an option because op knows he has the 9s.
  7. I wouldn't think someone burning $100 bills is retarded. I'd think "Hey that guy must be rich."
  8. I realized this. I played poker once since about mid october (minus random stakes). I've made a few bad choices in my life *que the Mr. Sub commercial*, but I've learned from them.
  9. Slowroll with the 4th nuts. Gotta love it.edit:oh the other guy had AA. . . well. . . sock puppets.
  10. Youre right. I would never play within a roll unless I could run something up from a hundred or so dollars. Longest I played within a bankroll was 2 weeks and I couldn't deal with the grind. I had a horrible attitude towards money and a terrible mind set in general. I just did not care if I won or lost, I just wanted to play at levels that were of interest to me. For the longest time I've had a full time job while playing so I didnt care if I went bust, I lived at home, had no bills to pay and had a continuous flow of cash. So even though I was technically playing out of my roll I would n
  11. Well I'm not trying to insult you, I tell it like it is. I'm quite possibly the biggest Jackass. Hmmmm could this make Rdog jealous once again?
  12. I'd like to subscribe to your news letter.
  13. I watched from 800 - 1300 and loved it. Rdog is a jackass, but DM did run like jesus.
  14. Gotta indicate your posts with[x]sarcasmor[x]sincereI really can't tell anymore.
  15. Ya. Because my image at this forum is salvagable at this point. I might as well say what you're gonna expect me to say =]
  16. Clearly I'm just trying to tilt you. I'll never be half the player you are and I know it. Truth is not many people will be and sometimes they just wanna take a shot when they get sick of grinding.
  17. Well it just seems like instead of saying something like "wow thats pretty sick, hope you learned from being stupid." or something encouraging, the guy just gets called a retard. That MAY be the case but whatever. He was playing way out of his roll but he did get Robbed pretty bad. It almost sparks a whole new debate whether it was bad luck or stupidity. If his hands from PLO were posted correctly as they happened then he was more unlucky to lose his roll rather than retarded.Rdog must be jealous cause he'd always get pissed off when I'd post myself winning a $600 pot in the challenge thre
  18. I'll never understand why people hate on someone who goes on a sick rush. . . So what if its outside of their bankroll, its their money, they can do what they want. I remember going on a rush at 3/6 turning 150 into 1300. I had some big names from FCP at the table and about 30 people railing it just wanting to see me lose but I never did (that night at least)
  19. They thought of the ap to make money. . .
  20. Has anyone here played on iPoker?A friend of mine keeps recommending it and says they give 40% rakeback and the games are insanely soft (he's killing the 1/2 games). Its a euro site so I'm concerned about cashouts, assuming i make money (rofl)
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