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  1. I dont have a job, but I am student. Obv if poker was my job I wouldn't need one =] And ya I have money, just not to play the stakes I like playing at.
  2. I left?I've been on xbox live instead of playing poker lol. Probably not playing until I get a job.
  3. LOL.I dont practice BR management but at least I don't pretend to know what a true downswing feels like.
  4. Everything that anyone says must be on some magical jetstream that exists above this guys head.I'm not laughing at your play. I'm laughing at the fact you tried to impress TJ, when he probably wouldnt know/care who you are. I bet if the bluff worked you woulda did the following.[x]showed bluff[x]said something gay[x]said hi to TJ [ ]receive response from TJ.Instead you hit the rail faster than a woman driving a car.
  5. looooooooooooooolThe guy donks out from a tournament to impress TJ aaahahahahaTalk about your all time backfires. As if that alone wasn't bad enough, he posts it for everyone to see.
  6. ugh. AK is probably gonna call your sorry ass. Especially when you show every god damn hand you play. And by that very same logic, AQ would call you as well.
  7. I know this because if he had any piece of that flop he would of called you instantly.He probably had a stupid hand like A8 or KQ.You're pretty retarded if you think he folded the winner.
  8. I think you had the best hand anyways.
  9. Which comments? Are you that much of an insecure little girl that comments over the internet bother you?Cause the shit you guys say to me is 100x worse than what I'm saying in here, you don't see me throwing hissy fits and acting like the world is imploding on itself because someone posted a comment on the internet. I bet Rdog loses sleep if I post a hand history of me stacking someone.
  10. I'm 100% sure you guys would put money on king. My stars account is still locked for a couple weeks so I can't play there. When I cash out my monies at party we can set the match(es) up. What makes you think I'm backing down? The fact I don't have money on FTP?
  11. Currently I'm not winning no, but I'm not going around taking cheap shots at people either. King isn't in any position to shit on anyones game, I don't care how much of a grinder he is. I dont mind if a better player wants to rip on me, but not some scrub like king who I'd play any day of the week. I wish my money was on ftp, I dont think he is worth putting money on to play against.
  12. What site do you play on? should be a headsup challenge since you think you're so badass.
  13. The only thing you have that I dont is BR management. You're nothing special.
  14. lol. You're the worst of them all. Some loser low limit grinder that cant get anywhere. **** you you low life piece of shit. You don't know shit about me.
  15. So you call me a bad player in one thread and here you are endorsing bad plays from someone just because it was against Phil Hellmuth. Ya ok.
  16. Jeez I'm terribly sorry I phrase things so harsh without realizing it. buncha people talking like I dunno what a downswing is. Some of you people calling me a douche bag need to get a life. I didn't say anything even remotely close to being out of line or offensive.
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