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  1. I was not playing alot of hands up to this point, so i disided to play this one alittle fancy, i mean it is a freeroll so why not.This hand comes up Canadawww9 makes a hugh raise like 10x's the big blind, i deside to go with my read and i make the call on the small blind with J10s. I'm putting him on AQ or AK and i plan on pushing on the flop if no Ace, King or Queen hits. The flop hits how i want and i push the flop, i could have almost anything (pocket 9's, 10's J's a set), there's not much he can beat. He calls then tells me i made a very bad play. Actually he made a reckless call, was ri
  2. Hey you take that picture of my mom down right now ! lolOh wait i'm not native, ok you can keep it up.BTW Canada has some of the best looking women in the world. Don't believe me? go to montreal on a hot summer day
  3. Alot depends on your read of this player. He re-raised you preflop which would scare me, but calling with AQ was ok, but i would play this hand with caution, from the flop on. He bets about 1/3 of the pot. At this point he could probably have anything from KQ, a overpair to the board or AQ himself. His turn bet screams strenth to me, at this point you can eliminate some hands but at this point i would say your lookin at AQ KK or possible AA. He may even got lucky and made a set of 10's on the turn. Once again laying this hand down on the turn goes back to how this guy has played in the past a
  4. haha i wanna be drafted..... i better get posting huh? lol jk.......gl with the draft
  5. I didn't break any rules all i've posted are tiny black dots lol
  6. I'd love to play but i don't have any money on my PS account right now
  7. I was told by someone that if you can get 1,000,000$ in play money on poker stars you can exchange is for real money is this true? i kind of find it hard to believe, but if someone could let me know, thanks
  8. Can everyone tell me what the password is for the Ontario Beer league freeroll, held on poker stars? Thanks
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