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  1. Even though you quoted my response, you pretty much failed to address any point I brought up. I'd also like to point out that Daniel is claiming that the best way to improve is to play against the best players. However, the only tangible improvement he's described in the thread on 2p2 is where he says he's come to understand 4bet and 5bet sizing, and why the grinders size them really small. This brings about two points:1. He didn't come to the conclusion/realization that he did because he's playing against the toughest competition. He could have seen the regulars do it, but probably didn't understand it until discussing it with his peers (he mentioned Somerville/JCarver). This would lead me to state that the best way to improve is not to play in the toughest games, but by discussing hands with top players. Discussing poker strategy with top players is almost certainly going to be the best way to improve.2. He could have observed this same 4bet/5bet sizing in small and midstakes online games. Seriously, it's something that a cash grinder learns fairly early on in their development. The things you'd learn more from a higher stakes game are like third and fourth level thinking, but you can't really understand these concepts without first understanding the basic fundamental concepts you learn playing the lower stakes games. Pretty much anyone who has performed the grind and continues to on a daily basis can understand this.I'd like to state that I fully understand Daniel's reasons and motives for playing the HSNL games, as Bob pointed out previously. I am simply disagreeing with the statement that he made to tskillz: "Well you are definitely wrong about one thing and that's the best approach to get better in terms of the learning curve. If you can afford it, playing against the very best players is the best approach." I'm not trying to bash Daniel at all, I'm simply saying there are other things to consider. Being close-minded and making such absolute generalized statements can be dangerous to one's poker game.
    This looks like stupid jibber jabber so eat my butt.
  2. Wat?You should basically do the exact opposite of what you just said. Push the guys who are drawing, and do NOT give them the right price to draw. Shoving the turn is pretty bad there (obv villain's call was worse)
    Exactly what he said...for more info go read a few pages of NL Theory and Practice by that creep David Slansky.
  3. feral_cow_icon.gifDont have a cow, heres your converted handFull Tilt No-Limit Hold'em $0.02/$0.05 ante $0.01 - 5 playersButton: $16.70 SB: $8.24 BB: $12.99 (Hero)UTG: $8.33 CO: $5.29 Preflop: ($0.12) Hero is BB with 8d.gifAc.gif (5 players)2 folds, Button raises to $0.15, SB folds, Hero raises to $0.60, Button calls $0.45Flop: ($1.27) Qc.gif7c.gifQh.gif (2 players)Hero bets $0.90, Button calls $0.90Turn: ($3.07) Jc.gif (2 players)Hero bets $2, Button foldsHero won $2.87(Rake: $0.20)Why check if you can spew? For my defense, i 3-betted because villain would attempt to steal my BB every orbit. I figured the flop probably didn't hit him and what better card to 2-barrel than a club there? Nobody seems to respect the flop bet from the preflop aggressor but give up a lot more on the turn (based on my experience). Was it fine this time or super leak?
    The turn bets fine if you think he called the flop with air. 3 betting to defend you blind is something that you have to do. If the guys doing it every orbit then he is obv doing it light. Therefore there is a lot of value in 3 betting occassionally.
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