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  1. Maybe because I'm in the HJ I should've open-raised this. For the record, the SB's VPIP after 70 hands was 20% and the BB's VPIP after 43 hands was 67%. I wasn't expecting a high chance of taking down the blinds PF, so I would rather encourage calls from the CO and/or button with A5s.Any position before the HJ, though, and I never open-raise with this hand in this spot. Is that wrong?A related question: With a hand like A5s with loose blinds, would you tend to open-raise in later position to push a small edge knowing you're going to get called? Say SB and BB are over 30% VPIP. Is that a
  2. Thanks everyone. Sounds like both the flop call and going for overcalls were wrong. I had my doubts playing this hand...FWIW, I called the flop because with no aggression shown PF, it seemed like a weaker ace could raise before me, and there are plenty of hands the initial bettor could have that would bet out. Bad way to look at it?
  3. You call 2 cold on the flop when you don't have the oddsHow often am I behind here, though? Do you fold this flop?Thanks to everyone for the responses
  4. Party Poker 2/4 Hold'em (10 handed) FTR converter on zerodivide.cxPreflop: Hero is MP3 with [Ad], [Td]. 1 fold, UTG+1 calls, MP1 calls, MP2 calls.Flop: (9.50 SB) [As], [6c], [2d] (4 players)UTG+1 bets, MP2 calls, Hero calls, UTG+1 calls.Turn: (8.75 BB) [Th] (4 players)UTG+1 checks, MP1 bets, MP2 calls, Hero calls, UTG+1 calls.River: (12.75 BB) [5s] (4 players)UTG+1 checks, MP1 bets, MP2 folds, Hero calls, UTG+1 calls.Final Pot: 15.75 BBI was fairly certain my hand was good once I hit my 2 pair, but going for overcalls in this spot felt like the best play. Don't want worse hands folding, an
  5. Party Poker 2/4 Hold'em (9 handed) FTR converter on zerodivide.cxPreflop: Hero is MP3 with [5h], [Ah]. 4 folds, SB completes, BB checks.Flop: (4 SB) [As], [7d], [Ad] (4 players)SB bets, BB calls, Hero calls, CO folds.Turn: (3.50 BB) [Jd] (3 players)SB bets, Hero foldsLooks like I was going for a c/r on the turn, then felt like my hand wasn't good enough. Didn't want to be caught in a raising war in this spot.
  6. Why wouldn't you raise the flop? I'm not sure it's better, but I tend to take that line with a flop like this.What do you do if the turn isn't a diamond?
  7. Good points. I felt a little backward with my reasoning at the time of playing.
  8. I'd also fold pf if it wasn't for the posters dead money.Me too. That and it's guarranteed HU.... still mildly sickened me to have to call with that hand.
  9. Party Poker 2/4 Hold'em (8 handed) FTR converter on zerodivide.cxPreflop: Hero is MP1 with [8s], [9s]. 1 fold, BB checks.Flop: (5.50 SB) [2s], [Jc], [Td] (5 players)BB bets, MP2 folds, Button folds, BB calls.Turn: (4.75 BB) [8d] (2 players)BB bets, Hero calls.River: (6.75 BB) [Ad] (2 players)BB bets, Hero folds.My question is about my flop raise. With several players behind me, I sometimes just call with an OESD for value, but in this case I wanted to protect my hand in case I get there with a Q, since I would be vulnerable to redraws.Any thoughts on what you do and why?For the record, if
  10. Party Poker 2/4 Hold'em (10 handed) FTR converter on zerodivide.cxPreflop: Hero is BB with [5s], [9c]. CO posts a blind of $2. 5 folds, Hero calls.Flop: (5.50 SB) [5c], [8h], [8c] (2 players)Hero checks, MP3 bets, MP3 calls.Turn: (4.75 BB) [Th] (2 players)Hero bets, Hero folds.
  11. My current computer is old, and I just bought a 2nd monitor and began 6 tabling. It was too slow, though, so I'm going to build a new computer soley for the purpose of online poker.I want everything crisp and fast. I want to minimize the cost and not get anything more than necessary, but I'm willing to er on the side of caution and make sure it's good enough.Specifically, what processor and RAM are necessary?
  12. Do you never fold the river getting 9-1?I fold rivers getting 9-1. It depends. I wouldn't here, though. There's enough possible hands CO could have here that we can beat. The way the hand played out, CO having a K is usually the only way we're beat here. Again, maybe I'm making too many assumptions about the play at 15-30, but I think CO slowed down too fast to put him on 77-99.I might not even be TOO sick that CO bets the river in this spot. It's the only way you're getting another BB out of this when you have him beat.
  13. I'm playing the flop the same as your friend. I'm looking to trap people for bets here.Hmmm, is it really that unlikey it gets checked around on the turn? LAG isn't an idiot, and with all those callers with that flop, and then that turn card that definitely doesn't help him, I only see him continuing with a bet if he has an overpair. At absolute worst, he'd have to have A10 or K10.I know he ended up checking and all, but I still think it's more likely than you think that it could get checked around on the turn, which is a horrible result.I'm not too concerned about drawing hands because they
  14. I tihnk your freind should be betting the flop so that LAG will raise and do dirty work for him.It seems so likely that someone would have a 10 or 9, and no one that does is folding to LAG's raise on the flop in this game. Is the idea that even if it doesn't get other players to lay down a better hand, at least the pot will be bigger to draw to two pair or trips?
  15. Wouldn't 15/30 be a game where players might bluff in that spot on the river?I've never played at that level, but assuming more tricky play, I would call getting 9 to 1 there.
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