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  1. This isn't exactly the first one of DN's blogs about feeling burned out and wanting more time away from poker. I can only imagine how taxing his schedule is. I played only 3 events in the WSOP last year and felt burned the F*** out and couldn't leave Vegas fast enough.Bottom line is, no matter how drastic his blog seemed about how much less he's going to do, he seems to always find a change of heart and a renewed vigor for the game just as easily as he gets burned out on it.In the meantime, Daniel, thanks for everything you have done and continue to do, and enjoy all the "alone" time you nee
  2. So who is this Jacobo Fernandez Hernandez guy? And why does he finish in the money in every event he plays? We might have to take him out Tonya Harding style if he keeps accumulating POY points...
  3. Not a jinx, baby, just a fortune teller.Congrats Daniel. See you next week.
  4. Yeah Oz, if it's possible to be jealous and appreciative at the same time, that's what we are.... damn Comcast....
  5. No, it will be my fault next week when I knock him out of event #39...
  6. Would anyone have imagined E Dog, Mouth and Daniel winning 3 of the first 20 WSOP tourney's this year!
  7. 10:22 PM EST - "72400 break time I'm headed to my HORSE table for the 20 min break"Daniel does more while having a chip lead than most people do all day...
  8. "Up to 145k beat Ivey a pot he is down to about 80k"Heh heh heh....Really need to sleep, but can't tear myself away. Keep rockin Daniel!"Crushed Mings trip aces with a straight, started 8 10 10 up to 232"Be happy you are at that table. You always play better against the best players. Leave the yummy table alone and be glad you are not there."At the 250 mark and feelin good!"So are we baby, so are we. Bring it home!
  9. I panicked when I saw "17 left", then I realized he meant 17 players, not 17K. Whew...Just one more spot for the money. Take Ivey out and get an extra 200K!
  10. Thanks for 3 days of fun Daniel... rest up for your bracelet run. You rock...
  11. Never wanted an anonymous text to be correct so badly in all my life...
  12. Man I feel good, I tell you the truth. I feel like Rocky right now, fighting Clubber Lang, I just know I'm going to win, cause I've seen the end of the movie! But I took a couple of really tough hits in a row, I lost with pocket aces to K 9, the flop of a king with two hearts and he hit the flush on the river. Then the very next hand I lose with AK against QJ and that one was really sick, we were all in. I raised and this guy, I knew he was going to make a move on me, sooner or later. He moved all in and I called. The flop was J94 all clubs. So now I can win with an ace, a king or any club. B
  13. Halfway thru day 2b and less than 1,000 players left. Going to be some short days coming up. We're going to be in the money an hour in tomorrow.Oh my god... Mbreon, just noticed that was my good dead buddy Wesley Willis in your avatar! I'm sorry that I got fat.
  14. Grand Rapids representin'....Dinner break just started, hopefully a chip update in a couple minutes.
  15. Not a relative... would like one day to be considered a friend. We have chatted a few times over the years, but until I played on his right for nearly 4 hours a week ago Sunday (Event #51 S.H.O.E.), he would not have been able to pick me out of a lineup... at least now he'll remember me next time we meet... (maybe..) It was great getting the chance to chat wiith him for 2 levels.I outlasted him in Event #51! He has outlasted me in #55! Hope he gets going again, needs a double up.
  16. "I know GR well - do u live downtownish?"I live in Belmont, near the West Michigan Whitecaps stadium.
  17. It was a decent round. I'm up to $200,000 now and playing really really good.I had this player reraised me at one point. I called because it was a small raise. The flop was Q 5 4 and I had Q 10. I looked at him and told him - " DO you know that I know you have aces? " I called hoping to catch a queen or a ten to win a big pot. The turn was a deuce and we both checked. The river was a five and he was thinking about value betting. Which I don't want him to do in case I decide to donk off and call. I look at him and said - "Dude, you checked the turn with aces? That's kind of strange." He got so
  18. He covered 1, and was covered by one. Nobody said it was a triple up. On to new topics.
  19. Me and Leebs got caught up in the whole Rocky theme... still love each other though./
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