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  1. I am counting on all the techno geeks to post the live feed links for the rest of us "less talented" computer nerds do not waste time hunting for the live feed. :club: I have slashed free time on Sunday to follow it ... and hope it is of the same quality as the WSOPE live feed we got for Daniel's final table in London.
    Only way this happens if someone from espn gets it out there somehow. Not gpnna happen.
  2. Adsense only gives you money for every person that clicks on the ad, not actual website hits. My gaming clan used it, the only way we got money was to make sure everyone in the clan clicked on the ad once a week(if you overdo it google will catch on and ban you). That said, it still isnt a bad idea, they dont ruin the look of the site either as you can customize the color and size of it.
    ty for the info.All I also apperciate all the coments on the name. I will talk about it again with my partners. Some people like some don't but either way I apperciate the comments and help with the Adsense.
  3. I don't get what the site is supposed to be.
    it is not up yet...we are basically just learning how to put stuff on it.We are shooting for Jan 1 to have it up and running. It will be about sports and entertainment type things. Basically for fun and to voice opinons on S&E type things. We OBV have a long way to go...we just started working on it last week.Something like this but more indepth in the sports area.www.barstoolsports.com
  4. totally agree... the ur is awful and makes me hate the site.
    It is what it is. Beyond me at this point. hopefully the content will speak for itself and in todays texting world I guess its ok. But, wasnt my call. I was out voted. Bookmark it..:)Site wont be ready till Jan 1.
  5. Me and a couple of my friends are creating a website. I was wanting to know a little bit about google adsense. I heard for good start ups this is a good program where google puts ads on your site that are related to your content and you get money based on how many hits you get or whatever. Now I see alot of things online about how this is great some say it's bad. You can't trust anything u read anymore so I figured I'd post in here to figure it out. thanks. www.urdailydose.com shameful plug on the new site..obv still working on it

  6. The Snead/Montgomery J7<A4 hand was awesome. Partially cause what they have show of Snead makes me dislike him.This Bishop guy is getting on me too.....He calls a re-raise preflop with AK, shoves a KTx flop and says to his friend 'I dont like him asking for a count' liek, wtf?? Once he doesnt instacall you should know you're ahead....then he raises with AKcc and some shortstack shoves with ATss and Bishop sits there....'Man, do you have an Ace???' Nice slowroll, donk...../rant. How people this bad get that deep annoys me.
    Snead sat beside me in the 05 main event for most of day 2...he is def annoying.
  7. If you can deal with the software, the games are fishy and the rakeback and bonuses are great.Also research their cashout options. Checks cost 35.00 to withdraw, minimum $500.00, max $9000.00. This might not be in your best interest if you are planning on withdrawing frequently.[/quoThe software reminds me of pokerroom where I started, so thats ok. It looks like I can get like 37% on rakeback. What bonuses do u know of and what levels are the best to play...I really only want it for cash so I can get rakeback.
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