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  1. Chinos exit interview....obv he's crushedwww.pokernews.com
  2. my audio crashed and cant pull it up
  3. Only way this happens if someone from espn gets it out there somehow. Not gpnna happen.
  4. support tells me its down..finally it comes back up half my stack gone..went from 3rd to 9th ..but still win. SHIP
  5. its down...obv this is how I run
  6. 10 left in 6k guar im in top 3..well not anymore I bet
  7. Jrobb25

    Website Owners

    ty for the info.All I also apperciate all the coments on the name. I will talk about it again with my partners. Some people like some don't but either way I apperciate the comments and help with the Adsense.
  8. Jrobb25

    Website Owners

    it is not up yet...we are basically just learning how to put stuff on it.We are shooting for Jan 1 to have it up and running. It will be about sports and entertainment type things. Basically for fun and to voice opinons on S&E type things. We OBV have a long way to go...we just started working on it last week.Something like this but more indepth in the sports area.www.barstoolsports.com
  9. Jrobb25

    Website Owners

    It is what it is. Beyond me at this point. hopefully the content will speak for itself and in todays texting world I guess its ok. But, wasnt my call. I was out voted. Bookmark it..:)Site wont be ready till Jan 1.
  10. Jrobb25

    Website Owners

    who is it and tell me why if you don't mind.
  11. Jrobb25

    Website Owners

    Me and a couple of my friends are creating a website. I was wanting to know a little bit about google adsense. I heard for good start ups this is a good program where google puts ads on your site that are related to your content and you get money based on how many hits you get or whatever. Now I see alot of things online about how this is great some say it's bad. You can't trust anything u read anymore so I figured I'd post in here to figure it out. thanks. www.urdailydose.com shameful plug on the new site..obv still working on it
  12. NOT TRUE at all. If u do research and know the game u can def be a winner. Football is by far the WORST sport to bet. It's because ur a heat fan..
  13. My son turned 3 today and we took him to Krispy Kream and he knocked out 2 of those this morning. He still hasn't come down from that rush.
  14. 'Yeah I could take him or leave him till this. I def like him alot better now.
  15. I would be scared her jaw would hit me and knock me out.
  16. Snead sat beside me in the 05 main event for most of day 2...he is def annoying.
  17. TY guys. This helps alot.
  18. Anyone play here? Only site I can get rakeback on. Thought,complaints, any advice would help.thanks
  19. I would like to know if u can still get 75% at cake...if so I would do that...but there is no way this is real.
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