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  1. thats what you get when "celebs" enter the poker world... a dont care attitude. Im probly just jealous I couldnt pony up the 25K but Im to busy playing 1-4-8-8 and the Grand! But, Tobey Mcgwire is up to 55K last I checked and about middle of the pack. He seems like he really wants to be good.
  2. to enter and not show up....guess Livingstone got caught in traffic or maybe he got that call back for Goofy(see the movie swingers)Steve Lipscomb fills in for Ron LivingstonLivingston's chair has been empty all day and 10k of his chips have been blinded off. It has been decided that he isn't coming, so Steve Lipscomb is going to play his chips. Antonio Esfardiani has just declared that he will furnish a $100 bounty on Lipscomb if he is busted today.
  3. Date / Time: 2005-04-19 16:20:00Title: Approximate Chip Counts (Today's Half of the Field)Log: Here are the approximate chip counts for notable players in today's half of the field, four hours into the action:Chip Leader - Alex Prendes - $155,000George Miller - $115,000Sam Farha - $95,000Erick Lindgren - $89,000Phil Gordon - $86,000Daniel Negreanu - $70,000David Plastik - $66,000Scott Fischman - $63,000David "Devilfish" Ulliot - $61,000Chau Giant - $58,000Paul Darden - $50,000David Sklansky - $50,000Humberto Brenes - $41,000Ram Vaswani - $41,000Matt Matros - $40,000Mike Matusow - $40,000Jennif
  4. Livingston was not in OC Gonzalez was as the gardner(nice sterotype by the way)
  5. yeah he's from office space...I also watch the OC but dont remember him at all on that show once...anyone know who he was. Also Cardplayer.com now has the list of all entry's in heat 2....When are we gonna see Spiderman aka Tobey make a final table.
  6. 005-04-19 13:37:00Title: CardPlayer.com's Featured Table (#42)Log: Another CardPlayer.com featured table is #42, with the following players (listed by seat):1. Daniel Negreanu - $56,0002. Matt Russell - $53,0003. Michael Hauptman - $45,0004. Leonardo Fernandez - $51,0005. Kaelaine Minton - $51,0006. Jennifer Harman - $44,0007. James Keith - $52,0008. Nicholas Gonzalez - $48,0009. Ron Livingston - $48,00010. Mike Gracz - $52,000The players in seats 8 and 9 have not shown up. We're assuming that Nicholas Gonzalez (seat 8) is the actor from the hit TV show, "The O.C." and Ron Livingston is anothe
  7. is the early chip leader in day two with 100K he and some guy battled with AA and KK and Chans AA held up.....but contervesy on turn when chan put in 16K and pulled back 8k because he said mis read chip colors through sunglasses they had a ruling and chips had to stay out, I guess tough luck for that other guy because he was the one who called for the ruling and ended up gettin knocked out in the first 20 mins.
  8. Poker Player Chip Count1 Eric Weiner $ 245,000 2 Scotty Nguyen $ 200,000 3 Greg Raymer $ 150,000 4 Joseph Cordi $ 145,000 5 Michael 'The Grinder' Mizrachi $ 130,000 6 Al Boston $ 130,000 7 Senthil Kumar $ 120,000 8 Josh Arieh $ 120,000 9 Russ Rosenblum $ 100,000 10 Thor Hansen $ 100,000 11 Andy Bloch $ 100,000 12 Ron Rose $ 88,000 13 Isabelle Mercier $ 85,000 14
  9. He is my new favorite "playa"....living here in the ATL we have heard so much about Ron Mexico its going over the top. But, let the legend continue. He's the fastest herpes giving man in the business. :shock:
  10. Q3 sanfransico waiter......(Queen/tray)
  11. ANYTHING WITH THE BOSS!!!!!! If your in New Jersey you gotta play Springsteen
  12. if your going you can play all those real nice casinos,but if you want a laid back game play at th Sahara all kinds of limits and its laid back.
  13. Im heading to Biloxi this weekend and cant seem to find any Casinos with sportsbooks. Does anyone no of any Casinos there with a sportsbook. The NCAA Tourney is this week.I couldnt even beat a bluff
  14. Yeah they are running a WSOP satellite for the next 4 weeks there on Mondays. Sign up is at 730, Im gonna give it a try this week. AUbrandon....DEsNUTS.....WAREAGLE!!!!!
  15. Thanks. They are having a WSOP qualifier on tuesday for 50 dollars so that should at least be fun to play.
  16. Ive played poker in Vegas a few times and there are some good players. Anyone been to Biloxi specifically the Grand Casino. Whats the play like there?I couldn't even beat a bluff with those cards.
  17. We all have worked hard to get where we are and so has Daniel, im not rich by any mends but, we all have our path in life....hopefully one day we all can afford to lose that kinda of money but, until then may all your bank rolls grow and grow.
  18. being nice is overated....he clearly doesnt know how to play if he is looking for runnner runner....nice hand is so overrated..he was a lucky sob and he should say nh to you for being an idiot. 8) I couldnt even beat a bluff!
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