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  1. i know a lot of you dont get gsn out there, but the 6th season of the wpt is now being uploaded daily to pokertube.comthere are only a few up right now but for everyone who enjoys the wpt and wasnt able to watch it this past season i thought i would just let everyone know
  2. This morning I had a friend transfer me a few hundo on Cake and have been playing some sngs and some mid limit cash games. It takes a little while to get used to but I like it so far. Anyone else know what their daily mid-high limit tourney schedule is like? Anyone else get rakeback on Cake? How are cashouts on Cake? Anyone have any input for me?Ty in advance sirs.
    I just signed up there to get the rakeback. The payouts are horrible. You can't cash out less that 500 dollars and for than 4or5k I dont remember. And there is a fee. The play is def soft and I don't mind the look cause it was like pokerrroom where I started back in the day. It's just ok IMO. I won't spend a whole lot of time there. But this is rom a guy who still loves bodog so take it for what its worth.
  3. One Cute dog. Glad you got him back. We ended up in aniaml court one time over a stray cat we saved from a huricane.(anaimal control people are dcks) Worst place on earth and was in the awesome part of town in Atlanta. One day I want to do a reality show on animal court.

  4. I'm becoming a hat guy (because male pattern baldness starts early in my family... I'm gonna get a jump on it). I occasionally rock a straw fedora, similar to this one:41CTNegVOML._AA280_.jpgAnd I've started wearing newsboy hats a lot:08ss_hwd_90007_smith_chambr.jpgI have this one in brown and black.I'd like to get a nice felt fedora for winter, but I don't have the coin to drop on a decent one.
    Very solid...Im not a straw man but still nice style. Im getting convinced to rock one.
  5. My first impression was that it was cool watching the final table without knowing who won, and I was into it. But only 2 hands of heads up play was horrible. Why not expand the coverage? Can the world live without Sportcenter until maybe midnight one time.I really liked the feel of it but after reading this thread today I think that it could have been done better.
    especially since Madden nation was on espn 2 ...so bad.
  6. this is pretty bad ass.. loving the huge crowd..
    Lindgren said it best "I can't believe all of you came to watch poker" This crowd is amazing and it was a long layoff but I think tonight shows what a great idea it was. ALso that AQ AK hand was so sick.
  7. Is it me, or was the whole "November Nine" thing completely and utterly pointless? I mean, if the final results are going to be available to the world 18 some-odd hours before airtime, why not just run the tournament straight through in the first place?If they weren't going to do a "live" final table (short tape delay, obv) then I fail to see any kind of point in putting it off for six months, hopefully this will never happen again.I'm glad Phil's record has finally gone down, maybe now he can shut up about it. My guess is that the exact opposite will be true and he'll talk about it more than ever now.
    I think it was both good and bad. They def should have had a live PPV broadcast. That ,we knew more about the players than ever before. I liked that. I would have never known about Eastgate or Dimidov. Two players I decided to root for besides Chino based on seeing them on TV first before the play actually started. I think it needs to be tweaked but, still I think it was an overall success.Things to Fix IMOLive PPV broadcastShorter wait time. Either show the braclet events last after the ME coverage and make it a 2 month wait instead. They are turning around this FT in 2 days and I am an editor. I know they can do these braclet events alot quicker or just wait.Better Marketing of Final 9. They did an ok job but, could've got them more main stream. I doubt a major talk show but at least Carson Daliy live that guy has on anyone.Just a couple of thoughts.
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