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  1. NFL obv wants to keep game close...fck these refs...only way ravens can compete with this team...godamn ravens are not good and could never win this game without this shit,
  2. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++111111111111111111111was very confident about this game all week...then this morning woke up and said same thing to myself....almost wish we were at Tenn today.That being said I took the Steelers at -6
  3. I might be behind the times but started listening to Fleet Foxes this week after I found out they were gonna be on SNL...Very good band.
  4. wareagle2525 He could go from not one game as DC to HC. I think good pick.
  5. As a Steelers fan I'm obv gonna be bias but, I do think Rolle(out) and Suggs(GTD) is really gonna hurt the Ravens. They are super tired and not healthy at all. They looked super tired in the Tenn game and to not fault of their own. Losing that Bye week hurt them for sure. Parker is finally healthy But then again it is the AFC championship game and the Steelers are AWFUL in those at home. In fact Ward is 0-2 in home AFC championship games. That being said I think the Steelers win and cover the -6. I think its a crazy number but I think they win 20-10.
  6. If steelers win FCP weekend in Tampa? Def cant afford Super bowl tickets but a lil poker at the hardrock and watch the game there. Be fun. I bet Oziman would make the drive.
  7. Are u serious? The Steelers have played this way since the 70s. Good try
  8. GREAT GAME...good to see the offense step up and hlp the def a lil bit.No suprise Swed dropped the ball. He hasnt made a play all yr. Was super excited when we got him and he hasnt made the most of it at all including practice.Good to see Holmes not metally checking out either.
  9. Asked the guy from Kid n play not once but twice in seprate states and 4 years apart and 2 random bars to do the Kid n play dance with me.OLA OLA AAAAA he declinedHung out with Deion Sanders and Michael Irvin when I shot a mini Doc on them when I worked for Comcast sports.Got numerous "bro" hugs from Michael Vick pre dog fighiting days.Went to a Bone Thugs n Harmony concert and lost my starter hat.Wow u would never know I was white now that I look back on all this.
  10. I use to be a big Hellmuth fan but, he is just a joke now. Espn show this guy all the time and they need to find a new person to highlight. I beginning to think he is really really bad for poker. This game has evolved to a great game that isn't full of crooks but a game that people love and work hard to be good at. So tired of this guy.
  11. yeah I LOLED at that guy. Then they tried to say he was slow rolled.
  12. A guy posted this video on p5.http://www.thenutz.tv/videodetail.php?video_id=68424I Go to the ten min markI think Fluff plays these.
  13. It was def a close call. But, 89 yrd drive is on the Ravens Def. The Steelers are clearly the better team though. They have fought through the toughest schedule since 1976 NY Giants and they are 11-3. Everytime you think they are tired they dig deep and get the win. Say what you will about Big Ben but all the kid does is win games. 5 yrs 50 wins best ever in that stat.
  14. Man I don't even know what to say about him playing the Ladies tees. I personally no matter what would ever do that.Also how is it that people who claim to play golf have never heard of the ladies tee rule. I learned not to walk across someones lie and the ladies tee rule when I was like 5.
  15. LOL....I was gonna say something very close to this.
  16. Talk about WAY over thinking it. I haven't given that much thought and effort to any TV show or movie ever.That being said I liked season 5.
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