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  1. If below average is 2nd place and like 3 cashes this yr. The yes stop locking ur Amazing threads.
  2. Oh...so I should take mine off:)
  3. You would think but, people still rock that shit just add the skinny jeans and the Fedor
  4. I now live in LA and that is alot of people! lol
  5. its a replay from last nite. So they need to switch.
  6. Here is another one.http://www.bluffmagazine.com/live/
  7. Try the 2nd link. It works for me
  8. No problem I got it for 2+2. I can't wait to watch DN TID!
  9. http://bm30342.edgeboss.net/wmedia-live/bm...erus_090604.asxtry this.Works!
  10. http://bm30342.edgeboss.net/wmedia-l...rus_090604.asxFound this link. It is working for me. Says it will start soon.
  11. Anyone find a link for today's broadcast?
  12. I tried alot of things. PKR is def not working. But I found this site and its working.http://www.bluffmagazine.com/live/?source=...oker_090531.asf
  13. Can anyone get today's broadcast? I have watched it everyday so far but, some how can't see it today. Can anyone else see it?
  14. this event is suppose to be airing online. I tried pkr. But, it's not on. Is it me or are they just not airing it right now.
  15. I have it working now. It's started!
  16. Asher RothThis is his first single..he has better songs but this is obv radio play. I just moved to LA and he is coming in 3 weeks anyone that likes him that wants to go let me know.Key Club -April 5th
  17. Im sure Mark can give you all your Indian Casino needs.
  18. If the Prop 8 stuff didnt happen.Rourke wins for sure. He was so amazing the The Wrestler and fck his dog just died. Penn was great BTW but clearly not as good. Timing is everything I guess.
  19. Will SMith just dropped "Boom goes the Dynomite" LOLROURKE FTW
  20. IMO no FT thread should be made until 5 or less people are left.
  21. Well I gues you missed the Ravens super bowl in 2000 and the Tampa bay one also. And if u think the Steelers offense is "bad" then u obv dont watch football. Yes Ben gets sacked. The last five games where a ton better and he does have to make plays running around but, he does it. And he will have just as many super bowl rings as Golden boy Tom Brady. Not everyone can be as good as ELI OR PEYTON...Oh wait he will have more superbowl wins then them as well and thats all that matters.
  22. If you think any of those teams are in the same cat as the Steelers than wow. Also NFC is pretty weak.Ravens would have destroyed anyone that showed up from NFC and they were 6th seed.Atlanta- Matt Ryan in last four games was like 4td to 12 ints give or take. Premature Rookie of yr. Flacco obv.CArolina-Jon Fox and Jake enough saidEagles-Andy Reid and an old ass defense.I'm a steelers fan so take this FWIW but, the NFC was def weaker than AFC and has been for sometime now overall.
  23. punt call bad...holmes call right although I hated it..Pass I call was BS and Limus Sweed can eat a dick
  24. Limus fcking sucks..has all year..please cut him..fck texas
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