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  1. Left LA for Vegas on tuesday morning with wife and son in tow for first time. Usually I go to the WSOP every summer with my friends but since I have been working a ton this past year I wanted my wife and son to go with me. My whole goal was to play the 1500 Horse event. I have played a ton of Horse over the last year online or here at the bike, commerce or Hollywood park and feel I'm getting pretty decent but by no means a fav in that field. I would pay but wanted to sat into the event. So I sit down for a 125 sat just a few hrs after I arrive just to play something. I end up chopping after being down 4-1 heads up. So that was a good start. Played some cash and book a $100 profit and called it a night. The next day was the HORSE event at 5pm so I arrived at 1pm to play a HORSE sat and see if I could get in on the cheap. That was the weakest sat I have ever played and rolled over the table but ended up chopping based on Chip count heads up and took 1100 of the possible 1590 to win. I was pretty excited I get in the event on the cheap. So arrive at 5pm and I only know one person at my table and it was a guy from my SAT earlier a real nice Korean named KOGI. So I was up and down all first 2 levels and at the first break was at like 4200 from the org 4500. When we come back from break seat 6 is wearing a Fullcontact Poker hat and what do u know its NAKED COWBOY. He was a nice guy who played really well IMO but got quartered a few times which was just bad luck. I don't know how far he went would love to know. Hopefully u went deep dude. We had Diego something at our table for a while I think he has a podcast or something. I win a few pots off this guy at our table that slow rolled someone and talked a ton when I flopped a boat in OMAHA O8 and Stud high which had me at about 7500 right before the dinner break. After the break I get moved and I can't believe the table I drew. Robert Mizrachi,Jon Digastino, Cindy Viloet and a high limit stud player named SHARX. They all had chips. The first hand of Razz I have A2 4up and I complete and Mizrachi come along I draw a 3 then a 6 betting all the way. He check raises me on 5th and I call.. I check raise him on six and he calls and fire at 7th and he calls and he says A2 is good if u have it and I flipped it up. So now I'm at 11k and feeling good. Well long story short I go card dead and limits get high I lose a pot in LH when I fold an over pair on the flop after a raise and reraise and a cap. After they get it all in I basically would have had them both dead. So that was really tilting. With ten mins left in the night I have like 4500 in STUD 08 and me Violet and Mizrachi are all in a pot. Cindy obv has the low and I have 3 rolled up 9s and Mizrachi has at best one pair. I cap on 6th with my all in and Cindy obv calls and Robert folds so Cindy says I guess we chop unless I hit a 2 for the wheel. Now I had a 2 and Robert had one also. 7th is dealt and she flips up the 2..GG me. It was pretty sick. I was def upset but just said GG and walked off a lil stunned. But it was a great experience and learned a ton more about HORSE from playing with some really good players.The next couple of days ended with bustouts in the megastacks and the last one being slowrolled by a Canadian(which made it worst) JK when he had KK in SB and I shoved with KQ in BB and he tanked for 2 mins and said I guess I have to call. Gross. All in all fun week. Back to LA and will play some of the LA series at The Bike. If your gonna be there PM me and I'll buy drinks.OBV not the best grammer piece of writing but I'm tired.

  2. I haven't posted in a while but this was weird. I went down and played The Bikes deepstack event that's going on. It was a 3 day $125 15k starting stack event. Def Fun. Eskimo Clarke asked me to stake him in it. He really is broke. Played at table with Vinney Vinh and he looked better but, was shit faced by the 3rd level but was still best player at the table. If u live in LA u should def go down. Lots of guys u have seen on TV playing in it. Kinda crazy for such a low by in.

  3. So I just watched this show. I work on a TV show , and IMO this show has pretty good production quality and to the average fan it's not half bad. The host is not good at all. You also have to see that this is in a time slot during the summer that NBC will just be happy to get anyone to watch. The show needs tweaked for sure. I really HATE ALI comin in and explain the action to the host. Ali should just host the show all by himself. We also don't know what kind of deal NBC and FT have. FT might have paid NBC to make it, and if that is the case the show will stay. It's def a very low budget made show.

  4. Chad Johnson of the Bengals said"This is as sad as 9/11"WTF is wrong with people. The dude had some hits in the 80s and 90s and slept with lil boys in the 80s 90s and 2000s. I just don't get why people are so upset. I feel for his kids that part is sad. The only part.

  5. When people said Live horse players where awful, nothin has been more true. There were 150 in the field and I busted in like 50th. I played solid and lost back to back hands in Razz where the guy was crushed and had to go runner runner and did. I was obv pissed but whatever I got what I wanted they just out drew me. One guy didn't know how to play Razz and asked me if there was a high. I said yes as a joke thinking at the time he was joking also. Well next hand he was showing AKJ10 and bet the whole way and check raised a guy on 6th. He then said Straight and everyone laughed. He had no idea. He looked at me like WTF. I said dude I thought u were kidding. Things like this happened all nite. It was a tourney I could've won but just got unlucky. Oh well.

  6. Your scale of "a lot" is way off. The only way to have 2-3 losing sessions is to have not very many sessions. I dunno about the live transition. I'd look for people who scoot up in their seats while a particular game is dealt. It's probably a clue about which games they feel the most confident in.
    Good point about the sitting. As for your first point. I have alot of sessions played. But, who cares I just wanted tips for live HORSE.
  7. You know how they say online players are generally better than live players...It's even more true in horse.edit: Per limit obviously...don't want to start a Live vs Online debate.
    LOL..no debate. I played Stud at the commerce last week and I'm 30. They told me I was the youngest guy to play stud in weeks.
  8. I play alot of HORSE online. I have good results and have booked only 2-3 losing sessions. I am gonna play my first live HORSE tourney tomorrow at the BIKE. Is there anything I should be aware about playing HORSE live. I think it will be harder to see other guys cards but, other than that any tells I should look for and giving things away.thanks.

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