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  1. yea, with all those outs calling is definitely justifiedanyone possibly raise this flop with the wrap? the flop bet from the re-raiser looks like it might be on the weak side
  2. bingo...i didn't mind smooth-calling the flop to represent a draw until it was said that we think villain's most likely hand is a flush/set/2 pair...then it should be an easy raise, and probably a big raise too to make it look as if we are really trying to protect against a spade
  3. for $4.50 here, against an unknown villain, i think it's worth it just to call him down and see what he has...i sort of straddle the fence between actionfalko's point about knowing you're beaten, and the huge odds...if i am very strongly sure i am beaten, then i will fold this hand, but here we have an unknown villain...you don't know what he plays like, he could be making a random weird bluff for all we know...i would call and store away that info
  4. there are way too many hands that beat you...he could have a straight, a set, Q-J, Q-10...with the drunk not in there i think it's a fairly easy fold
  5. i just think this is a style difference...out of position, i just think it might be better to try to take off a free card and try to make the straight or a pair here...depending on how much he bets if he bets, i could call and take a card off, or foldalso, if you get to the turn after checking the flop you will not have to commit as much to a turn bluff, making it less risky
  6. best song in GH2 is free birdit's an old song but you can't convince me otherwise
  7. i agree with everything except the bolded part...assuming a random online player is tight is like assuming that a random person in a ski mask in the parking lot of your local convenient store won't try to rob it...it's not reasonable imo, i basically assume the player to have a standard hand range and have a standard amount of aggression in his game...not tight or loose, just what i know is standard from playing that limit, whatever the limit actually isi fold the hand, i think you would be hard-pressed to find an instance where we aren't up against a set of 8s
  8. which is the trouble with making the c-bet...i am a firm believer that when you are out of position you should not generally be building a pot without a hand, mostly for the exact reason you stated...if he calls, you have a tough decision now as to whether to continue because you aren't really sure where he stands
  9. i don't see too many people play either of those hands this way...if Kd-Jx had just called in the first place then would there be any reason for him to re-raise after we put in the third bet? not usually, i wouldn't think...and i don't think a set would ever, ever, ever play it this way, they would probably raise first after being bet into or just call after the third bet since they know they are possibly against a flush and would be getting a price to draw out...why would he play a set by just calling on a 3-flush board and then raise? would he really want to trap on this board? maybe i'm an
  10. on the flop, do anything besides make a raise so small that he will call with anything and you will be put in the spot you were put in...you could just flat call it, i don't think it would be that bad a play here, but if you're raising then make a more significant raiseas played, i stack off, there are a number of hands we beat here...K-Q, Q-9, and A-Q namely are the major possibilities, but knowing nothing about your opponent makes this a more foldable hand than usual...still, heads-up, i find it difficult to fold here
  11. yes, it's pretty much WA/WB with the difference that a jack will probably call a reasonable bet here, or potentially shove if he doesn't believe you...it's pretty close, either a bet or check would be pretty reasonable imo
  12. sabes99

    $2 Sng

    it was in fact raised pf, check the hand a little closeri don't know that folding is necessarily too weak, it's def a play you should consider but i'm not saying it's an easy fold...i think the problem with A-Q is that oftentimes people commit their entire stack before the flop with it early when the stacks are deep which is just spewing plain and simple...in this spot, we took a flop with the hand, didn't commit a ton of money pf, caught one of the better flops we could hope for, and are pretty much destined to get our money in the middle
  13. i think it's a pretty easy fold...clearly CO is representing having flopped the nut flush, and worse than that you have a bunch of other people hanging around
  14. sabes99

    $2 Sng

    i agree with you about shoving, but can you reasonably expect someone to call a raise with these kinds of hands? it's not play money
  15. what does that part of your post have to do with this hand? it's not about what WE would do, it's about what we believe that HE will do...and at nickel/dime you'd better believe there are people willing to go broke with A-J here
  16. sabes99

    $2 Sng

    here's the problem with this though:if he has A-A, we are about a 3-2 dog, and if he has a made flush we are about a 3-1 dog...if i'm not mistaken, we are getting 1800-400(4.5-1) on the call, so folding is just horrifyingly weak-tight imo...and since we are going to put most of our stack in anyway then we might as well just stick it all in since we can't fold the turn either if we flat-call...if he has A-A, we are not in very bad shape here, if he has a flush, oh well
  17. sabes99

    $2 Sng

    i dare someone to convince me that this is not a shove...even if we are up against a made flush we have 7 outs, which gives us the right price to play on in this hand...that eliminates the fold right there i think, not to mention that we won't be against a made flush every time...now if we call we'll have <600 left, and assuming he shoves the turn we'll be getting close to 5:1 on the call, and we can't fold there either...just get your money in on the flop and either double up or save yourself the time to play another tournament
  18. the UTG raiser made a strong raise, then shoved after the misclick...the only hands i can imagine him shoving here, since we are left to assume that he is a standard player, in which calling would be correct are A-K and A-Q...i would let this one go and save the extra chips
  19. maybe i'm just a bad player, but i'm not good enough to fold for 4:1 on the call...i make a crying call and cross my fingers hoping to see J-10 or something
  20. ok, suppose he does have two unpaired overs...he will definitely fold if we push here unless he is some sort of complete idiot, but if we just call he will either shove a blank turn desperately trying to get us to fold, which we won't, or he will freeze and we will take the pot away from him there...so when a blank card falls on the turn, we will either make the same amount of money when he chooses to slow down and we will stack him 7 times out of 8 when he shoves...the only downside is that when a bad card does come off on the turn, we are vulnerable to being bluffed and also we could have ju
  21. i lead out about $2.50 on the flop, and see what happens from thereas played, it's not really weak to fold here since we could easily be up against the nut flush with so many people in there...the hand looks really nice but we could easily be drawing to 1 out
  22. just because of the price we're getting here, i think as long as we can beat any reasonable part of villain's range we should at least see one more card...if a baby card comes off and he fires again then we have another difficult decision, but i just think folding for such a huge price is a little weak and raising is completely suicidalalso, you mention about the bluff not slowing up...remember that we established a bluff to make up a very small part of his range, the part we beat is the 10-10/J-J...and as a final thought, i really wouldn't like the idea of folding to a min-re-raise here for m
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