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  1. Fredi G has stated that he plans to hit Prado leadoff to begin the season at least. He pretty much has to since they don't have anyone else who has shown the consistency/capability to handle the leadoff spot.I think there is a decent possibility of seeing Matt Young start the season with the big club while Schafer gets a couple of months in Gwinnett to play everyday.I am headed down to Lake Buena Vista March 17-21 to catch a few games with some buddies if anyone else gets the chance to head to spring training around then.
  2. It really just gets better and better. There is no way we should have won that game, but somehow this team pulls it out again. Another injury blow with Wags being out, but I thin Kimbrel and Venters will fill in capably.I will be at the sold out TED on Sunday!!!
  3. Waited 5 years to get back, and now having to wait until tomorrow night is killing me.
  4. It's not that I don't like him, but I have absolutely no respect for him at all. I hope that he has to do some jail time.
  5. I really like the move a whole lot. He is much better defensivly than Glaus and he has been hitting well since the beginning of July. On top of that, the Braves didn't have to give up any of their higher rated prospects to get him. Glaus will now be able to come off the bench and give Lee, Prado or Infante a day off at 1st or 3rd. Oh, and another ho hum walk off win last night. I guess the excitement never ends with this team, but I wouldn't mind having a few games that don't come down to the 9th inning.
  6. He goes about the game the right way and has immense knowledge of the art of hitting. He went through a full AB, pitch by pitch, against K Rod a couple of years back. He went through what he thought before every pitch and why that was his way of thinking. I think I learned more about hitting from that one interview than all others combined. With all the said, I have a gut feeling he will be back in a Braves uniform next year. I think he would have retired had the injury not happened, but will not want to go out because of an injury. Just my thoughts.
  7. Most errors in baseball since the All Star break, and 11 of their past 13 errors have been from the 6th inning on. That is not a good trend to get into. On a side note, I think Chip is done for the season. Helluva play he made last night, but too bad the way it ended for him.
  8. Yeah, that was pathetic. It honestly looked like something you would see at the local Little League park. I guess the bright side is that Minor looked good in his debut.
  9. Dammit Balkaday Bob Davidson. How do you blow that call at such a crucial point of the game????
  10. Yeah it was awesome! I thought we were done when Heisey robbed Conrad of that home run.
  11. My all time most hated Brave has got to be Ray King. I will never forget him throwing a pitch to the backstop while intentionally walking someone to let a crucial run score. I really couldn't stand him.I don't know if anybody saw the interview with Nate about being sent down, but he took it extremely well. He didn't cry about it like Francoeur did when he was sent down. It was good to see a former All Star admit that he deserved to be sent down to work on things.I have to be in Cincy this weekend and am def going to the Friday night game and hope to catch the Saturday game as well since I
  12. For some reason I was never a very big fan of Blauser. I remember he had an incredible year in his contract year, and the Braves gave him a huge deal (for a SS in those days). Of course, he was terrible after getting that contract.I was at the game Wednesday to see Wags blow a rare save for him, but unfortunately I was unable to spot Andy Roddick's wife at any point during the game
  13. Damn I have no clue then....like how recent are we talking? In the 2000's?
  14. I will take a 4 game lead heading to the break. McLouth has looked good so far in his rehab stint. It would be huge to get a healthy Heyward and at least a semi productive McLouth back after the break.
  15. Was the other one Jeremy Hermida? I know he hit a pinch hit slam in his 1st ML AB, but I have no idea if it was on the first pitch or not.
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