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  1. Now that the first day is over, do we know how much people are up or down? How did Peter Eastgate only have $180K for his all-in on the 6-4 full house hand? Didn't he start with $500K and Gabe mentioned that he was up $100K in a previous show... I guess we didn't see alot of his spewing.We know Daniel's down 2 buy-ins. Did Durrr fully recoup his previous loss to BG?
  2. Did Juanda or the Russian ever mention what they had in that huge pot where JJ bet 340K on the river and the Russion check-raised all-in? JJ folded that hand and there was lots of speculation (in this thread) on what both of them had...
  3. By now everyone knows how amazing Michael Phelps is... here's the opposite end of the spectrum from the Sydney 2000 olympics:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3zjCc_VyxM4By far the funniest video I've ever seen - enjoy!
  4. Skid...This thread is too awesome to remain lurking..-Mark
  5. Did anyone else catch the bad etiquette by the older version of Hoyt Corkins? He called the bluff on the river and the bluffer says "good call" or something to that effect and starts to muck. Cowboy hat says "can I see what you had?" and asks the dealer to turn over the losing hand - which was king high.
  6. In episode 5...Did anyone catch Scotty announcing his hand a few hands after Miami John went all-in and won with pocket 9s.Scotty with pocket 9s: "Miami John show" a clueless Lon McEachern: "Whatever that means, I think it means call"Scotty = entertainment
  7. I think I saw you play this quad 6s hand... was this at the NBC heads up championships? /SW
  8. There's a pretty good preview of HSP 4 on Cardplayer TV here:http://www.cardplayer.com/tv/26866Interviews with Antonio, Benyamine, Doyle, Gold, Daniel & Mori the producer (same producer as PAD?).Can't wait to watch this, unequivocally.
  9. Nice post J-R. I'll be rooting for you.Is PAD really a freeroll? The players don't really put up $20K of their own money?-TMC
  10. Is this the roll call for the microlimit & freerollers? I won $10 in a PokerStars Team Canada Round 1 tournament back in April and have beentrying to build it up by playing at the .01/.02 tables. Would be nice to do what Chris Fergusen did with his freeroll winnings:http://www.fulltiltpoker.com/chris-ferguson-challengeI'm up to $18... only $9982 more to go!
  11. BGs secrets to success:http://www.fullcontactpoker.com/poker-foru...showtopic=93165
  12. Do royal flushes only happen once / lifetime? ps: ISAP PokerStars Game #: Hold'em No Limit ($0.01/$0.02) - 2007/08/06 - 16:55:35 (ET)Table 'Annschnell' 9-max Seat #6 is the buttonSeat 1: Has Sat ($1.06 in chips)Seat 2: hujoscha ($0.94 in chips)Seat 3: blueberetta ($2.81 in chips)Seat 4: Sl0wH8nd ($1.78 in chips)Seat 5: hero ($1 in chips)Seat 6: nbcanadapoke ($3.56 in chips)Seat 7: urkolio ($4.88 in chips)Seat 8: Warrick69 ($5.30 in chips)Seat 9: BeateLuxor ($1.98 in chips)urkolio: posts small blind $0.01Warrick69: posts big blind $0.02hero: posts big blind $0.02*** HOLE CARDS ***Dealt to he
  13. You're doing a great GMAN impersonation!
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