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  1. First things first, I smiled after looking at your sig. kudos on that. Second, I had to take care of some college bills that's I've been blowing off and a few other things so funds on all sites are limited to the extent that there are none so I would be put under the Stakeaments category.
  2. I would have raised more on the flop there Beav but still GL!
  3. That is the common law but it doesn't apply to this case, so therefore you're wrong. It's ok it isn't the first and won't be the last time in your life.
  4. The square root cancels out the root, nothing must be done to the other side... It's kinda like -(-2)=x in which case the negatives just cancel each other out and x stays the same..
  5. With that BR you could play .25/.50NL or 1/2Limit comfortably with $10-$15 SNG's. Good luck at the tables.
  6. Thanks but I would be derek_pizzle. Don't know if you recall but I made a thread earlier about a name change and this is what I ended up deciding on so I just transported the avatar to be recognizable. Thanks for your loyalty sir!
  7. Laak, Matusow, Hellmuth, Hansen (all for entertainment purposes)
  8. Ivey, Gavin Smith and I think a few others had a small piece in it. The prop totaled 350k.
  9. So you've been saying.On a funnier note....."KidPoker: how much would it suck to be 205th on the waiting list??? lol"
  10. I know I'm just kinda steeming that FTP has been sucking out on me a lot recently and I run goot on stars but wish they had rakeback/heads up tables.
  11. Pokerstars should fix the waiting list to only allow you to join if you have enough money in your account. They should also add more high stakes NL tables and heads up tables starting at like 100NL. If stars did this then I think people would be saying Full Tilt who? because that's why a lot of people I know play FTP because of the heads up and more variety for higher stakes nl play.
  12. I was hoping to see pictures to get an idea of the trip but when I saw all that text and no image I was very disappointed.
  13. Yeah I heard that too.....From Daniel in his Vlog
  14. Last I heard, Moneymaker and Varkonyi were sharing a studio apartment together and Hachem now works at the Sweet N Low factory.
  15. With a 500 BR you are pretty much set to play 25NL (20 buy ins). Not sure what limits you're playing now but I would suggest taking a day or two off to shut the engines down and just regroup and then head to 25NL and grind it out. Stay in your BR range and don't try and move up levels to recoup losses.
  16. Got nudes?Good luck though in finding someone.
  17. Check out www.pokeroutlet.com they seem to have some nice stuff at decent prices.
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