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  1. new silly avatars. actually i kind like a few of them. and i think the bet slider options are useless, atleast for me
  2. the rake at 10nl will get you nowhere. move your roll to stars and grind 2nl until you can start playing $4.40 sng's.
  3. never seen him play anything higher than 25/50 maybe 50/100
  4. someone needs to photoshop a giant turd running track or something
  5. will naked pictures of smoking hot women get me banned in a drunken thread? it does say stupidity in the title...
  6. i always get a kick out of brunson's wrinkly body telling me "we get old because we stop playing poker"
  7. currently watching the red sox game. anyone else in? go jason bay!
  8. where are you finding these mods? i want to use those cards and maybe the same ftp round table but in all black. i know mark used to use that a while back and sent it to me but don't have it anymore.
  9. holy stats batman. am i the only person that just clicks on the box of stats to get more detailed stats. i only have 6 stats showing for each player. all the clutter is way too distracting for me
  10. bored as hellb00fah (new bedford)gl
  11. they've pretty much pimped out the software in every way possible. all that's left is rakeback
  12. obv. his level of metagame thinking is way too complicated for us to understand
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