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  1. Speaking of tells, tonight when I was playing at the casino there was one fish that lost 3 HU hands to me. He was so frustrated and could not understand why I called him each time. His tells where so obvious, he had at least 5 or more tells that I could count. 1. he was a talker when bluffing. 2. when he talked he mumbled, I can read lips he stated "please don't call me". Such a donkey. 3. He moved all over the place, 4. his colour changed in his face, 5. when he had a good hand he always left a chip on his cards, noticed no chips on his cards each time he bluffed. 6. twitching of thumb. 7. His respiratory rate increased. Saw him after I busted in out in the hallway he asked why I picked on him, I told him he needs to read up on tells so that he would not reveal so many.edit: nothing beats one of Joe's Navarros lectures trust me you want to go to at least one
    all those tells were 1 notch below him flipping his cards over for the table to see
  2. villain 41/17/7.0 over 30 hands so all i can assume is that he's a pretty weak player thus far after seeing him limp call a few timesFull Tilt No-Limit Hold'em, $0.25 BB (6 handed) - Full-Tilt Converter Tool from FlopTurnRiver.comMP ($9.70)CO ($25)Button ($43.55)Hero (SB) ($26)BB ($25)UTG ($45.05)Preflop: Hero is SB with :D, :DUTG raises to $0.85, 3 folds, Hero raises to $2.80, 1 fold, UTG calls $1.95Flop: ($5.85) :5c, :D, :ts(2 players)Hero bets $4.50, UTG raises to $9, Hero ????______________my 3rd hand after sitting down at the table. villain is unknown.Full Tilt No-Limit Hold'em, $0.25 BB (5 handed) - Full-Tilt Converter Tool from FlopTurnRiver.comUTG ($25)MP ($25.35)Hero (Button) ($25)SB ($46.40)BB ($60.25)Preflop: Hero is Button with :4h, :club:UTG raises to $0.85, 1 fold, Hero raises to $2.90, 2 folds, UTG raises to $11, Hero ???

  3. I saw the 5th installment last night and it's by far the weakest of the bunch. The way it came together was just terrible, it's the 5th sequel and it was hard to tell the difference between present day and a flashback. Some flashbacks they used a 'foggy' look to it, while other flashbacks it was crystal clear as if it was present day. So if you aren't fresh up on the past 6 hours of Saw you definitely would get confused watching this one even though it wasn't that complex.I'm finding there to be way too much filler the past couple of movies and not enough focus on the main characters. The characters we were suppose to care about (originally chained around the necks together) all died and ultimately had nothing to do with the overall movie. Sure they somehow were tied together because of some building resulting in a few deaths but it was a lame attempt at sort of recreating saw 2 imo. If you're going to do that, do it right and don't go fill us with detective crap for 20minutes before getting back to the plot. The last 2 movies have been all over the place with no real focus on the victims and more focus on who's actually behind it all.For a 5th movie in a series it's leaps and bounds ahead of most horror movies but this series is definitely on the decline and needs a real fresh, original script to go along with it. Perhaps a prequel like batman begins would be better than small backflashes and introducing the wife anymore.What was 'the box' that the wife got after meeting the attorney anyway? That seemed like the most pointless scene of the flick and just another plothole for another flashback in Saw VI.

    2/5They are trying to hard to make it a good drama movie. Saw isn't a crime drama like se7en, it's something that's suppose to mess with your mind and your stomach. Less focus on detective work and more on the good stuff is what's needed to revamp the series.

    as much as i love the saw series, they will never recover from killing jigsaw off in the 3rd movie. that's what made saw popular, the mind behind the traps and the way he presented himself. it just seems like now they're just trying to fill movie time with other pointless stuff and trying to introduce new twists when it isn't what really made the franchise. hearing hoffman's voice on a tape recorder is weird.
  4. worst idea ever. only people who already follow and play the game a lot are going to care, so i don't think it did any good trying to delay for promotion. besides, nobody interesting is in it so that's an even bigger who the fk cares.

  5. I did that numerous time and they never gave it to me, even though some people got selected for their "beta" program about a month ago. I said screw it and took all my money out of FTP because playing cash games without rakeback and worthless FT points is not very smart imo.
    attach nudes to the email and sit back and wait for insta rakeback
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