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  1. not providing the goods and needs. you still don't get my point. the governement is definetly faster and hopefully more responsive and accurate in actually SAVING the economy from going down right now, so the free market is able to provide the goods and needs in the future. and i guess the responibility and accuracy of the free market was just lost for a moment when they crashed the world economy? but they were fast, though... yup. i bolded the important part.and you seriously would rather give loads of money every few miles to some guys who own a couple of miles of a road than use it for free
  2. -.-henry, believe it or not, but i don't like the governement being involved in too much things any more than you do. but when we're talking about being realistic, we have to accept that under the actual circumstances no other way is possible. i'm a pragmatic here.and i'm not talking about "governement jobs". i'm talking about job creation for the free market, since the free market isn't able to create jobs fast enough right now. that's the point with the whole "help to dig itself out"-thing. but in a way you're right. it's understandable that you question what kind of jobs are created. but im
  3. you're missing my point, i wasn't talking about market theories.i was simply trying to say that in a crisis every created job counts. doesn't matter if it's in building streets, saving art/culture or anything else, as long as it is putting money in the circuit. that's the goal.and i was trying to defend the poor guys that work for governement (NOT necessarily the politicians!). must be a hard life, simply trying to do your job while the whole country seems to hate you... No. The best thing to do with public money during a recession is a) to spend and invest it in a way that makes it possible f
  4. and BG, you seem to forget that these "governement job" are still done by real people who will spent the earned money. that's the whole point about job creation. getting people to have money, so they can spend it. and that's what is getting the economy going.
  5. alway the same with immigration. desperate people wouldn't have to cross borders illegally if immigration were easier, it's that simple.and as for the argument "we don't want/need more immigrants": do i really have to remind americans that immigration is +EV?and as for the argument of immigrated criminals: well, that's just a matter of law enforcement...and i'm totally with henry in this discussion^^ well, besides the general governement hate.
  6. we probably have more in common than you would like to admit
  7. i'm too lazy to do research on the US now, but in europe a lot of key industries (phone, railway, mail, certain banks...) back in the 70s and early 80s were public enterprises until the privatization "boom" during the reagan/thatcher era. i believe, it was similar in the US.since the world (or at least the g20^^) agrees that economy can't be the same anymore, i (and a lot of economists i read in newspapers lately) predict we'll see a comeback-of-the-state light...
  8. it does. it's clearly a part of barry's strategy what i've seen on hsp. people don't shove that much against him, because they know he'll run it just once. so they're not willing to take a chance, when they know barry has them beat and the have a draw.it comes down to how much you want to (take a) risk...
  9. better get used to it. i predict that in 2-3 years when this crisis is solved, we'll see al lot (not the majority) of so-called key industries back in the hands of states...
  10. i don't speculate on what it was, to find that out is the job of the local law enforcement agency. and as long as nothing else is proven, i view this as a murder as they happen all over the world all the time. there had been murders with beheading before, and sure, it shows that the murderer is in some way mad. but it does not always have to do something with his religion, just because it's the most obvious possibility. what do we know about the background story and his mindset when he was doing it? maybe he was out of control, mad and in some kind of murderous frenzy and in that state of min
  11. does that really matter? does the fact that he beheaded his wife make it a worse murder than a bullet in the head?
  12. there's a reason why i didn't bring up the UN as a example. obviously this institution needs to be reformed.and by the way: as far as i know, the us left the human rights convention. and rejoined it, i just read it 2 days ago.and: the race convention is supposed to be an open discussion forum. it's not supposed to be anti or pro anything.
  13. at least it seems so. but i disagree, i think globalisation will in the long run lead to more wealth in the world - so far H is indeed right. but i think the only form of globalisation that could do that is the form of one "global governement/state" in a worldwide democratic system (H won't like it though^^) - but this is utopia obviously, at least for the near future...
  14. not at all. we just call it "old-fashioned image of the family".
  15. as a foreigner and resident of the world biggest export nation with the third biggest national economy, that "only" needs 50 billions in a span of two years as a stimulus, i actually laughed a couple of minutes. good one.seriously, i wondered if you are a pighead and just argueing for the sake of it. the last couple of posts and this unqualified comment proved to me that you're just a poor stupid idealist, completely out of touch with the reality, and an arrogant douche. i never want to get personal in dicussions, but now i had to.
  16. please explain this further. does the growth of governmental institutions (creates by the way lots of jobs...) always create crony capitalism?because the only way i could imagine that, is, if the governement favors certain industries (maybe up to the point where it controls them, although this is not necessary) and therefore make them built a cartel to only work together. obviously that is something that should not happen...
  17. well, we're surely on a turning point in the world. just like the era of colonisation went down, the era of strong national states and the american leadership of the 20th century is definetly going down. we're facing new problems in economy and world politics, problems we're not able to fix for ourselves but only if we work together. it could be the era of the united nations, or at least of growing cooperation between states and federations (UN, EU, Arab League, ...). and i even think russia will calm down, at the latest if this kgb-generation is not in office anymore. and i hope we can get al
  18. i wouldn't be that pessimistic. america will be fine. it just needs to make any necessary adjustements for the future now. things aren't the same anymore. and that's actually something every country has to learn these days...
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