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  1. Shouldn't be the goal of society to develop to a point where stuff like this won't be necessary? You're right. If schools were guarded and personnel be armed, then the next shooter MAYBE thinks twice about it. Then again, most of these shooters don't go there with the intention to stay alive anyway... Now I was about to ask how we could prevent things like this from happening in the first place by improving the system to detect such dangers (like, for example, if the "batman" shooter actually had competent medical/psychological care. The problem could have been detected and stopped way
  2. "How can you raise with that?! That's not poker, that's politics! YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW HOW TO SPELL POKER!!!"
  3. yet we don't have to bend over for china...
  4. Negreanu LeadingPosted 1 minute ago by donpeters"There's a lot more there than there was before," said Daniel Negreanu to our reporter who was counting his stack. We eyeballed it at around 210,000 and Negreanu informed us that he cracked Saar Wilf's pocket aces to get the chips.According to Negreanu, Wilf raised and Negreanu flatted with the {10-Diamonds}{9-Diamonds}. The flop came {K-}{9-}{9-} and Wilf fired. Negreanu called. Wilf then barreled the blank turn and blank river, to which Negreanu called off."Easy game," he said.
  5. that's circumstantial evidence. unless we find a stock with nuclear warheads, we'll never know if everything was just a huge bluff. iran kind of does the same thing now. everybody is pretty sure that they aren't able to built wmds right now, but ahmadinejad is talking big. that doesn't proof anything besides that the guy has a big mouth and is completely delusional.and yes, i know that we still mustn't allow him to continue with the research.
  6. Stacks: SB with $7.90 BB with $25.00 bluuuffyou7 with $20.53 BTN with $7.76Poker Forum8-Game 0.20/0.40, Pot Limit OmahaBlinds: $0.10/$0.20Site: PokerstarsStacks: SB with $7.90 BB (Hero) with $25.00 bluuuffyou7 with $20.53 BTN with $7.76 Dealt to BB (Hero):5♣ K♠ A♣ 7♠Preflop: bluuuffyou7 calls [$0.10] 1 players fold. SB calls [$0.05] Hero: checks Total folds this street: 1 Potsize: $0.3Flop: 7♦ 10♣ J♠ SB: checks Hero: checks bluuuffyou7 bets [$0.30] 1 players fold.Hero calls [$0.30] Total folds this street: 1 Potsize: $0.9Turn: 6♣ Hero: checks bluuuff
  7. wasn't talking particulary about northern ireland there.
  8. that's exactly my point: it's all about territory, power, influence, money. religion is more like false pretense for the people in the back so they can use the uneducated extreme believers
  9. am i? weren't the reasons in northern ireland mostly territorial and infrastructural?
  10. no, since that's pretty much standart for every politician or at least head of governement/state. and you can say that in a democracy it is all about reacting to current trends in the population. but as i said, no one forces me to agree to the message.
  11. what took you so long?^^well, it's all about spin these days. as i said, there are radicals in every religion. if you dig deep enough, i'm pretty sure you'll find radical jews also. and that there has been terror with christian background recently should be obvious (not talking about crusades. ireland.).i'm not accusing or defending anything. just stating facts and my opinion. the reason that the potential for terrorism is that big in islam, lies more in infrastructural, territorial, educational problems. why does the potential for radicalism and terror develop in areas like yemen, somalia, af
  12. the message is important imo, not the way it is delivered. i personally don't care, if politicians even would need a living prompter, as long as i can understand his message. whether i agree to it, or not, is a different thing.
  13. i'm sure daniel didn't mean to say what it sounds like. but andy pretty much nailed it on the head here.
  14. since it just depends on the people that created them, yes. satanism has its origins in christianity... their radicals are worse than the christian radicals in our days. but in essence, you can compare them to the christian radicals a couple of centuries ago.i know , it's a long shot, but i sometimes think that islam, as it is "younger" than christianity, gose through a similar state christianity had during the times of crusades, burning of witches etc. christanity was very authoritarian and wanted basically the same things, islam wants today: more power, bigger territory etc. agreed. it's oft
  15. guns don't kill people, people kill people. of course has every religion the same potential to do harm, it just depends on how some crazy radicals interprete them. bible and koran are basically from the same tree, just different branches. in both books can you find passages with the potential to be interpreted as harmful. not necessarily. how about all the violent missionaries in our history, who basically gave this choice: "convert or die"? did they pervert catholizism or did they follow it more closely?
  16. did this long ago. didn't change me or my life.
  17. and they may really believe that. for the people in the background, they simply are tools for their use. of course you can. with proper propaganda, enough time and maybe an enigmatic person at the top, you can implement almost any idea/ideology/behavior to people who are susceptible to it. happens every day, from commercials to politics.the biggest part of islam (sunni islam, 85% of world's islam) is absolutely peaceful. it's so peaceful, most people haven't even heard about it. but like every religion, islam has lots of different branches, from liberal to extreme. and of course, in our media
  18. he has a point. true believers of any religion generally don't turn into terrorists, b/c i don't know any religion that teaches killing, mass murder, etc. what all the three big religions (christianity, islam, jews) have in common, is, that at one point in their respective holy books, they all tell stories of wars against non-believers. this is the stuff extremists feed from.and of course, religion is always a good excuse for political motivated extremism. it was the reason for the crusades (true motivations: conquering land, gaining control over resources, and simply looting). it is (to some
  19. so basically he said he didn't want to be responsible for other people's money, only for his own. can't blame him.
  20. yeah, that's true, i'm afraid. so if they don't get another shot this/next season, what should he do? go to lakers/spurs/othertitlecandidate?i love the team this season. dirk's playing great, kidd plays like 10 years younger, and guy like terry and barea are great. if they can keep up like this for the whole season, they might have another shot.
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