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  1. Seriously, be very afraid of limp call, C/R on the turn. So many people do this with small pairs and play exactly like this when they flop a set.
  2. The river call is fine, obv.But, I don't like the turn bet. You're not going to get him to fold a pair in position, and if you're bluffing here, you're going to have to fire big on the river to win. Just take the free card because you're behind and you have lots of outs. Before you bet, you should think what he called you on the flop with - the flop is pretty drawy and you don't have a made hand yet. You're only thinking about your hand when you make that turn bet. Try to think about what he has.Limp/call preflop, c/c on the flop, c/r on the turn. Minimum he has two pair here, but probably a s
  3. No you didn't. Fold.Also, I would probably bet pot on the turn and I'd be more inclined to c/c the river rather than lead out, but I don't hate it.
  4. You're removing the action from the situation. I guess I should have made it more clear: I don't think a "string raise" is always wrong. Daniel was having a good time slamming those chips in. Obviously rule nits will disagree with me.
  5. I didn't comment on that hand because I thought it was dumb, then I realized it was 3bet preflop, so I don't think it's dumb anymore. Although, I wish you made it 1.50 on the flop.I like trystero's approach, bet $2 and expect a call. I don't mind checking here if we were in position, but I don't really want him to check behind and keep the pot small.
  6. Pound it up, pound you back, pound your mom. It's all the same - he didn't say raise, that's the important thing. I don't think Daniel intentionally changed his language. I think he was caught off guard that Deeb called him out on it and he started talking pretty quickly and fumbled with what he was saying (wrong limp amount, etc.)So yes, it's pretty obvious it's a string raise because he didn't say "raise", but I think the ruling is a good one because Daniel (a) wasn't doing it intentionally and (B) wasn't angle shooting.
  7. Are you whining because you want to see a flop or because you think he was angle shooting? I'm not attacking you, I just don't understand why you would be bitching. I think it's obvious that Daniel wasn't angle shooting because he didn't even look at Deeb while he was doing his raising - in fact, Deeb or anyone for that matter, didn't say anything while it was going on. If there was a wall between the players, and Daniel cut out five piles of chips and put them into the pot 5 seconds apart, would there be any problem? Yeah, okay, it's 'string betting' but who gives a crap. His intentions were
  8. I would never fold this.My read is that UTG has two pair or flush draw and the CO flopped a set. If you didn't have hearts I think you might be able to convince me of a fold, depending on villains. But, you have a redraw to the nuts against two opponents. I think if you have to ask about this, then you probably called and got owned. Sometimes you make the right decision and lose. That's the way it goes.
  9. Pssh really? I don't put him on 99 there. You ask: who knows? I know. He had A9. You lose. GG.
  10. I think this is a pretty straight forward raise, with intention of getting it in. Do you think he would raise a 4 here? Many (and I think him) would just call with a 4.Think of the alternative: if you call, what will you do on the turn? If a K hits, do you b/f? I think if you have a really good read on this guy, you could probably just call here, putting him on J9, 98, A9, etc.Do you think this guy is capable of calling off his stack with A9 or Q9 on this board? He could also have an underpair, but I think it's less likely because he's raising you in position.
  11. Nice hand.What did you put him on when the K hit? Two pair? I'm a fan of overbetting rivers like that, so, /thumbsupMaybe I'm just tired, but I have this mental image where the 'chips' are oreos at your home game. I guess I just think scooping 600 oreos is funny.I am weird.
  12. You want to get away from AK five handed?anywho, gllglglglglglg
  13. What are you talking about? My high horse? I'm simply stating that this guy is a maniac and I think it's a huge mistake to just brush this off as a trivial fold because you get raised on the river. I have never played against this guy, obviously, so the only things I can go off are his bet sizing and his history of play. Yeah, obviously he can have a better full house here, but statistically, this guy is maniacal and historically he plays crazy.I want to hear your argument for why this is a fold, because it is not obvious to me.
  14. http://poodleplayground.com/fifisecrets/ca...ck1/prepage.htm
  15. This was an interesting debate I saw a few months ago at a nearby college. I just found it on youtube. I think it's about an hour and a half long.
  16. You're right, this guy never spazzes out and always raises with the best hand.
  17. Does he tell you what he puts him on? Seriously, this seems like such a snap call against this guy. I would only consider folding this against the nittiest player in the world. Even then, it's close.
  18. For James:1:20 I call with fives. Getting good odds to flop a set.4:45 Hmm weird spot with 6s. I'm ok with the fold. But, it's a pretty good flop for 6s and we have position on him.6:15 I bet that flop with A2.Please don't complain about nitty tables, just take their money.24:30 I think it's a good read that he has air. I like the 3bet if you put him on an A because it doesn't make a lot of sense (there are no draws), so, he's going to call your raise with any A and you'll probably stack him. But, you put him on air, so you should have just called.26:40 A10s OOP. Yeah, you did play this badly.
  19. Sure, in position.The way to counter aggressive play is to call in position, not to 3bet them OOP. If you're going to do things like this, you have to be willing to let the aggressor bet, and you're going to have to hold onto middle pair. So, I don't really understand leading this pot, unless you were leading it because you thought he would raise you with AQ/AJ. If that is your read, then snap call?I don't like this play against this particular villain.
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