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  1. Great! I actually sent you a PM. Thank you so much guys!
  2. Looks pretty awesome. Never would have found this place other wise. Thanks guys!
  3. Where exactly is that located in relevance to downtown? Thanks guys I really do appreciate it!
  4. So a couple of buddies and I are taking a road trip up to Canada to Montreal to be exact. We want to go to the casino one day and am curious how it is specifically the Poker scene? Do they have a decent poker room? Also, is it true they have NO weekend poker tournaments? That seems so strange. If that's case we are going to try and play the Thursday afternoon poker tournament but I feel like that will draw like 15 people? Any advice, information, or whatever would be great! Thanks!
  5. Fantastic news. Next order of business is the US lettin Americans play online
  6. So can someone explain to me in cliffnotes style what Pokerstars buyin Tilt would mean?
  7. I think if we are going to make this a weekley thing we can just rotate games every week. NL one week, Omaha the next, HORSE, 6 max NL ect.Also, do they have 8 game at FS? I would totally be down for an 8 game tourny at least once a month. I have become obsessed playing 8 game format...I've even been playing for playmoney on pokerstars to just work on my game a bit haha.
  8. If that sets up I'll def join just to play in a weekly tourny with you guys. Especially if you'll be able to help me out with getting money on like you said in the PM looshle.
  9. Tried to sign up and deposit and got owned by America I guess
  10. Pretty much I'm a classic American trying to find anywhere I can play online right now. What are the best sites for Americans? I've heard some things about Merge Network is their poker site any good and should I consider signing up there?Any Amercians here playing anywhere right now?Thanks for the help. Just trying to play some poker.
  11. Hey Daniel,Big fan of yours. Anyways my question is, I'm always reading about the poor financial situations poker players/gamblers are in from the best like Ivey to guys like Lindgren and Matusow who I know you are good friends with. So, do you ever worry about your financial situation seeing all the ups and downs that come with poker? Clearly winning millions of dollars playing the game doesn't mean anything stable if you're always gambling it away. Do you view yourself as someone who is smart with your money or have you come close to problems like the ones some of your peers are facing?I kno
  12. I'd be interested and same statement as above haha
  13. I may or may not be in. I'm not sure yet. I need to figure out if I can afford the $50 buy in or not. It may be a little too steep because I already have $75 committed in fantasy football in other leagues. So I'll let you know.
  14. Erik Seidel just doesn't stop...
  15. Anyone ever use betonline.com?It's not bad. Easy for Americans to get money on actually, at least the easiest i've come across, and some half decent, not great, but half decent poker action and of course sports betting. It's not bad.
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