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  1. OMG OMG OMG Gibler is reading the thread again!!!!!!
  2. Anyway, once again, well done from Team Gibler UK Branch, and don't get too drunk!
  3. It'd be really good to get thoughts on showing that bluff especially when Ty said "It'd be really stupid to not have a flush there." or something along those lines.Maybe for tilt value?
  4. Kimmy, learn how to lift a trophy sir. By the bottom, not the middle. Esp when it's glass...that shatters.
  6. Bloody chops!I'm sure PS.TV appreciate the work done by you Gov.Now hurry up and ship this thing Kimmy!
  7. Can't get my head around that choppy hand.And I watse all of 2 minutes sending them Bobs great work on FCP player of the year and they only mention the FSPC? Bleh! They wasted your time Bob!
  8. OK Gibler, no better place than there, no better time than now!
  9. Big ****ing jinx. No posting here till shippage...or even just another pot forGib.
  10. Aslong as Shullman goes broke next I dont care.Now the lucious Vicky Coren.
  11. Is it just me who thinks Ravn isolates with AJ+ and 99+?Not that horrible re-shoving Shullman out IMO.
  12. Was posted earlier on, he used to but not much anymore.
  13. Interesting hand.Making the call on the end for information? AQ/AK etc? Thought Kimmy wouldda just shut down and folded the end. Would hav expected a 3 bet by Zamani.Another raise now by Gibby.
  14. Ryan D'Angelo = G0lfa, a well known online player, who won a WCOOP event this past series.Thats all I know.GL Gibler. FCP FTW etc.
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