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  1. and by the way to those OOP-call-is-weak-sayers:If you always need position to play a pot, then good luck in the pokerworld...If you are extremly good in reading people you dont need that F... position every hand. Position helps, but its not thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat important... Just sayin'
  2. Interesting interesting... I dont know what you mean with Action Falco and those stuff, but ok... LOLTo the hand: I am really a shy guy, but I dont think anyone of those bizarre posters should tell me how to play poker. I dont think I made tenthousand of dollars playing dumb poker. OK i normally play tournaments, but anyway...To call the flopbet, is horrible...? I dont know who said that, but I have a gazzilion bluff outs against an super tight player, I think not to call is horrible... but probably you know better. To those who have interest in the hand, here is what I have done:As he pushed
  3. The thing is, he cant put me on trips, but if he has lets say AA, what hands does he expect to call this huge overbet. I think he has either the nuts or two napkins... I think he knows that I dont have KK or so. You know what I mean...
  4. Hi folks, this is my first post. I live know in Vegas for about two weeks and last night I went out and actually played my first NL Cash-session. Actually I am a Tournamentplayer, but the game was right and so I sat down. We are now playing for 6 hours. My image so far is that of a loose aggressive player, who likes to fight for smallpots. When it got to showdown I either showed down a very strong hand or the nuts. Twice I had to show down a bluff.Villain in this hand is a very tight player. When he raises UTG this means either QQ-AA or AK maybe AQ.Stacks: Villain about $2,500Hero about $4,000
  5. Exactly my thoughts and my experiences are the same. Instacall. I mean what flop are you hoping for...? And secondly you are not thaaaat deepstacked. In Live play this would be a very different story, where you can see people and get them to talk. But online is online... I recently saved me a few thousand dollars in a situation like you were in, but it was live, and I saw how this guy was satisfied with his hand and I folded my KK on 247 Board, he then showed me his Aces. But ONLINE you dont have that ability, so I'm telling you push the chips in the middle, with this harmless flopp. What are
  6. aggreed, you have position to work for you, no need to reraise and no need to fold obviously. call and see what the flop brings and how your opponent behaves. I mean this live play, so you can use your reading ability. in online poker this is a different story, but here everything says call
  7. Bet more on the flop. As a general idea: Its almost always a good idea to bet more (about potsize) on drawheavy boards and about half-pot on not so drawheavy boards. Because on a board with rags your either far behind or far in front, you know what I mean...On the turn I would make the same bet, than you did. the idea is to buy yourself a cheap river card. You made it perfectly by betting a bit less than half the pot. Because if you check, he could bet more than you would like to call. On the other hand your building the pot with your good drawing hand, but giving him a chance to fold a better
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