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  1. gg gib shipppppppppppppppppp was on silent rail
  2. only in honor of gibler at the ft obv...his luck will run off on me..theACCORDian (hoschton)
  3. give me a chance! havent had much online activity lately but ready to rumble online today..pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeasetheACCORDian (hoschton)
  4. my first thought was AJ..then I was praying QQ, my only bad thought was that it could be JJ..I didnt think I could get away from it with the pot that big though..thanks
  5. ok, heres the set up...100 buy in tourny, 6 tables, down to 3 tables when this happened. I have played 3 pots, won 2..one was quads and got it all in vs JJ when I had A5 board was A59AA..nice double throughWinner 2 was J4 on button vs blinds, raised..sb called, cbet on flop he folded...now, here is my ?3 seat is the badguy lol..hes been at my table the whole time, has obv seen me play ubertight or I would at least hope so..blinds 100/200 3 seat opens for 400 in early position, folds to me, sitting on A diamonds A spades...I repop to 1600 showing major strength...he flats...Flop- J83 he has
  6. OMFG that sig is funny..I literally laughed out loud!
  7. thanks guys..i have dled pt2 just to get afeel for it and figure it out..the link is helpful as well. Thanks for the help so far..
  8. Ok, I have read this forum a lot, mostly lurking and stuff. Im about to start playing online MOREEEEE.. I play live mostly, but since Im few hours from a casino, I have decided to play online.Question...what is the cheapest HUD,or tracker..and what stats should I be worried about..and how do I determine what they mean? If anyone can answer these, or point me to a thread with these answers I would appreciate it, this forum has helped me a lot and hopefully yall can answer this.
  9. dude just looking at those HH's I feel your pain. I have similar results in NL usually 25nl or 50nl where river beats just kill my bankroll. I feel like it always happens to me right after I hit a certain point in the night where I have won at least a buy in or 2, and then it goes all down hill, set over set, flush over flush, etc...good luck though, there are some tuff beats in there..good thing you were playing limit!
  10. I did use the search function, but since there was no post about the new update and the removal of echecks I thought I would ask..I had that option before the update and now its gone, but I will check when I get home..if not I will just stick to stars I guess. Thanks anyway
  11. you could just answer really..if you take the time to type that crap all u have to do is say whats easiest..damn
  12. I wanted to deposit at FTP but there are no options I can use...where is Echecks..it was there a few days ago? what other options are quick and easy? how is Ultra used? it says its a phone card on their site..any help guys?
  13. when u wake up..im down for a stake..theACCORDian (hoschton)...if not good luck horsies!! nice cash!
  14. anyone down for a late 4.40? sign up and post the tournament #
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