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  1. That's not a bad beat, he had you the whole time.
  2. I couldn't agree with you more.Every time I deposit cash into one of my poker accounts I can't lose for the first couple hours, hitting all kinds of pocket pairs, overcards, everything. Then, after my account is about double what i started with I start having some really pathetic cards or I start getting hit with bad beats. It's kinda strange but I definitely wouldn't put it past the software developers to make it like that. How many people would still want to play if they cash in and then just lose it all because they are bad players.
  3. i actually like mine: "The TangMan" that's kinda cool
  4. Definitely tell him about it, that's the right thing to do. Let's say that you had some particular tell that someone figured out during a tournament. You would hope that after he took advantage of your tell and beat you that he would mention it to you so that you can solve the problem.How would you like to be treated if you are doing something dumb but not realizing it?
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