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  1. I think that this is a situation where you could beat an opponent - but you don't beat both of them.In this type of situation I always try to remember that I don't get anything for second place.One of these guys is v.likely to have you beat. As you rightly say, against one opponent it is a very different question/problem.For me this is an easy fold (if my brain is working on that day)
  2. You have identified the fact that you have problems with KT and KJ from the sb. There is a good reason for this - they are easily dominated, and you will be OOP.Save your aggression from SB for when you really have a good hand. If they really are limping that much then you should be able to make similar plays from the button where your KT plays a little better. Your sb raise is really only for premium starting hands.
  3. the 'no-ace' chant doesn't work for me either
  4. A thought that may help.If you're playing at 0.01/0.02 it's probably because you are a beginner.As such you probably don't want to play massively deep stacked.I think that Pokerstars allow you to buy-in for $5 here giving you 250 blinds which will make your life quite difficult.Only buy-in for a 100blinds (which is a full stack on all other tables) and you will find a lot of situations a little easier. btw - you having said what your stack is - i'm presuming it's similar to the villain and hence your question. (If for example you only had 20c left you may as well call with the odds)
  5. Do they pay off a flush/straight board. If so, I like this idea a lot.And Simo points are good ones - but be aware - the approach he puts forwards is going to be quite swingy
  6. You need to think about what you are doing and why you are doing it.The players you are playing with may be bad players but this is not the reason you are having problems with them.You are having problems with them because they are unorthodox, and because you are simply acting and not thinking. These players have simply changed the nature of the puzzle.Consider how these traits can help you.If everybody calls when you raise with a small pocket pair then surely you have just been given good set mining value.If flops are generally contested by many players then suited connectors up in value; ha
  7. Simo,How do you get on with Mansions cash out policy?Kenny
  8. Like it says, thought I'd give this a go.lot of stuff on here - thought I'd see if anyone could give me a pointer to their favorite videos.Kind of lean towards six max.Cheers
  9. I for one admit to needing a bet-sizing seminar - what should it have been? and why? - Any help gratefully recieved
  10. No stats on Villain - learning to operate poker tracker as we speak. - but he is real aggro and is not shy in bluffing bigAnyways - the astute amongst you will probably realise the result.What I am really after is the usual comment on anything you see that could have been better. Particularly bet sizing - I seem to have got to the river having to call (or did I) but still with a lot to lose. I got really lost here, but felt that I had to be aggresive as the Villain was so loose. I feel that it would have been easier if I had only 100BB (Am I right here?)All comments welcome (hoping i have d
  11. is he the guy in the red shirt? If so, that does look like a farmers tan - be suprised if they let that kind of slovenly individual on the golf course.
  12. If this is true - Can we have a full list of anything that he has been involved in building, so that we can avoid it - I don't fancy being buried in rubble.Kenny
  13. temp,thx for that. One more thing - I don't seem to get too bothered watching the turn and river come down - i am fairly placid and seem happy with the 'it will even out in the end idea' - I think this is a good thing for me - is it?Acid,Question for you (or anybody else who has thoughts) - I see from your blog that you are an engineer. This is not the easiest job in the world. I take it that you are pokering in your spare time. The question - Do you have any concentration problems?I work in IT and try to play a little poker in the evening and such. Whilst I am not a great player I feel t
  14. Sorry for being a little dumb - but how do you know whether you owe Sklansky dollars or not
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