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  1. I dont mind waiting, so as long as a cheque is safe and easy, thats fine,how much is a bank deposit and how much is a cheque?
  2. When you say bank deposit?do you mean instadebit,whats the option on Fulltilt, I seeVisaMoneybookersinstadebitclick2payanc checksorry, like I said, im brand new to withdrawingand don't want to get screwed with fee and cockupsI work for a bank so I know sometimes how stuff can get ****ed up royal sometimes
  3. yeah, Ive heard stars is a thousand times better, but this insnt an option,has anyone used Instadebit to make a withdrawal from fulltilt,from what I understand I can make a $10 deposit, and then withdrawal, is this possible, will my TD bank accept a deposit into my account?
  4. Hey guys, Im a canadian resident, just want to know what would be the easiest and cheapest way to withdraw money from Full tilt,ive never made a withdrawal before, and looking at about $150,is a cheque the easiest way?btw. ive never deposited onto fulltilt, also, will there be a good chance theres a problem with cashing a cheque or having money deposited into a TD bank account?cheers
  5. Running bad at poker =AA vs KK,Flop comes AK3...Turn is 3...River is K #$#%@@Running bad at work equals selecting the wrong line and hitting F3....Bye Bye $5,000 for the company as my error...anyone else have any big errors at work,My biggest was when I did a Foreign exchange for a customer, and I forget to book it with our FX department,we were on the exposure for $170,000, lucky for me the FX rate between Canadian/US didn't change at all overnight, which is very rare
  6. If its the law about never going all in, yes, you are correct,However I should have mentioned there is one exception to his,is when everyone goes in all before me, I have to call, because I am getting 9-1 on my money, its called odd pots, or pot odds, I can never remember, but either way, I'm not allowed to pass up this opportunity,however, the one exception to this exception is when I have pocket Aces and nobody is stupid enough to swap cards with me, because everybody knows that Aces always loses, I find studying the table and finding the fish helps, because, as they say, if you look for th
  7. In answer to your question there....I would consulte my notes, which says that Aces always loses,so I would ask the rest of the table if anyone has pocket 2's, which of course someone does, since why else would they go all in?as everyone knows pocket 2's is the nutsand swap cards with him, and then Call as fast as a Jose Coseco roid monkey baseball slugger swinging a cork batand win, because as said above, pocket 2's is the nuts
  8. Hey guys, I really think your missing a wonderful opportunity,I am offering a once in a million lifetime to stake me in the WSOP Main event,And if you don't believe in me, well, I have a list of thoughts for my strategyAny time I get two cards suited I will play them, because I only need 3 cards to make a flush, which is a good handAces are overrated, I always lose to Aces, but I love pocket 2's, I will always play pocket 2's, especially when they are sootedAny time I get AK I want them to be different suits because then I have TWICE the chance of making a Royal FlushI will wear sunglasses so
  9. Does anyone know how to claim a capital loss on a suspended stock. You cant sell it if its suspended, so how do you claim a capital loss?Ive heard that you can redeem it at $0 and use that as a capital base, Im asking because I have a stock and my broker wont write a letter out stating that even though I was told I need something in writing?Does anyone know, I know its a heaps random question
  10. Ok, has anyone ever experienced anything like this? Its not a bunch of coolers or anything, but live poker for me is getting ridiculous.I know its a small sample, maybe about 10-12 hours live, but ive yet to have a pocket pair above 7's, had AK once, had AQ once, never hit a set, or two pair, or anything, I played for about 4 hours and the only playable hand was AK once, the rest was just junk, is this common?I just think I cant play live like this, A, its boring, and B, playing in these games people pay you off so much, its crazy, but it would be nice to actually hit a hand just once?Anyone e
  11. Not expecting any stakes.. but will take them..looolSteelers, Denver, Tennesse...they will run all over cinci...colts, and New Orleans and buffalo
  12. Just dont go broke and get a subprime mortgage...take it, that house is amazing, 99.99% of the world only dreams of houses like that
  13. Isnt mine, from a 2+2 forum, but its such a sick call and the chat is hilariousmakes me want to play HS and hero call all day with J high...Full Tilt Poker Game #7679574724: Table Flame (heads up) - $10/$20 - No Limit Hold'em - 0:22:07 ET - 2008/08/17Seat 1: INTERNET POKERS ($2,423.50)Seat 2: RS_Hustla ($2,951)RS_Hustla posts the small blind of $10INTERNET POKERS posts the big blind of $20The button is in seat #2*** HOLE CARDS ***RS_Hustla raises to $60INTERNET POKERS raises to $221RS_Hustla calls $161*** FLOP *** [8s 2h 6s]INTERNET POKERS bets $285RS_Hustla calls $285*** TURN *** [8s 2h 6s] [
  14. Canada is awesome, living in Edmonton but not sure about the taxes...also I think poker winnings in australia are tax free...im not sure but I think soand everyone in australia is a gambling alcoholic degen so Im sure the live games are so softBut ive heard star city and crown have outragious rakes? anyone know for sure?dont u wish that they would allow cash games in clubs but? can you imagine? omg, it would be the softest games in the entire world...also the drunkest
  15. http://www.funnyjunk.com/funny_pictures/6103/Rock+Bottom/
  16. Looking at this hand, I think this becomes more read decision based then maths, how long have you played with villan, does he call light on the river, have you seen him raise AAxx before, because alot of omaha players will raise with Aces, not many limp inPlus he could have 9s full or something as wellI think I would min raise, and then maybe maybe fold to another raise, but I would expect to call and win...what was the result btw
  17. OK, now your thread makes sense, u know, its a tough call, the only hand that beats you is AAxx...and you have an A in your hand so....I mean, he limps in with AAxx?I think with a read this is a call, but I cant see a player limping with AAxx, unless they are being tricky or somethingpersonally I like AAxx in a multiway pot, I think alot of the time it has better value then against one or two opponents, and Set mine, this might sound week, i dunno,AAxx is probably the hardest hand to play in Omaha in my mind.He could also be repping something stupid like a Set of 2`s on the flopYeah, just look
  18. Raisy daisy, what beats you? he cant have aces full, so essentially you have the nuts.I dont see how you played this wrong, second set on a dry board. This is value town all the way babyReally that river was a perfect card, i just cant see a hand that beats you, in fact, I dont think there is a hand that beats you, you have the nuts
  19. Phil Hellmuth...The action folded to Santeri Valikoski in the small blind, who completed. Phil Hellmuth raised an additional 10,000, and Valikoski made the call. The flop came A52, and Valikoski checked. Hellmuth tossed three orange 5,000 chips across the line. “This is a bluff,” Hellmuth told his opponent as he pointed to the chips. Valikoski made the call and bet 25,000 when the A fell on the turn. Hellmuth announced a raise and added 30,000 to Valikoski’s bet. Valikoski called, and both players checked the 6 on the river. Hellmuth turned over K10, and his opponent showed 75. “No, he didn’t!
  20. People correcting my bad grammer, I say, blame universities, can you tell I have a bachelors degree? It really shows huh
  21. wow, your right about the bad grammer, although the PATHMENT I think I was trying to americanise my grammer and say pavement as we say pathway in australia and got confused, and I work in a bank which uses such an old system they dont even have spellcheckers for emails, so I think im just used to typing whatever
  22. What are the things that put you on life title, inside or outside poker...it can be anything, but it has to make you steam everytime...ok mine...People that walk really slow AND take up the entire pathment, i mean, wtf, why do you have to take up the entire path.People that honk in traffic jams, dude, im not moving JUST because you honk at me, although this is less life-tilting as it is funny sometimes.People like my friend, who is a really smart guy, graduating from uni with an actuarial degree, and we're playing poker, a $10 heads up matchand I have KK, he raises, I re-raise, he pushes, I ca
  23. I remember coming home from work on night and channel 10 (australian tv) showing some WPT.Id never even heard of texas holdem, i couldnt understand why they had cards on the table, lol, id only played 5 card draw with my mates in school.I couldnt believe how much money these tournaments had has prize money, favourite memory of poker on tv has to be HSP though, tournaments get old after a while so seeing some good cash games is definetly excellentim also hoping that they show a omaha cash game soon, that would be sick
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