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  1. They should let PETA do the sentencing.
  2. I wouldn't normally limp UTG with this hand but it turned out to be a good play here as the other guy woke up with aces and you didn't have a re-raise situation, other than that I think you played the hand very well and made a good value bet on the river
  3. I agree, checking the turn was a bad idea, not only because you didn't find out where you were but also if another heart came on the river you open yourself up to be drawed out on
  4. Hey All,Iv'e been playing online NLHE for awhile now and have recently started going to the local poker room to play cards with friends. The cash game tables are only limit HE which is quite new to me. The blinds are $1/2, standard stuff. Now the way I play NLHE is an obvious one, raise preflop 3-4x BB, exploit position, use raises and re-raises after the flop to see where I am if I sense weakness etc etc. The way I play is 100% useless ive come to realise when playing Limit holdem at this place. The caliber of player is very low, you could call the population of this place 80% donkey which me
  5. I would say re-raise, if he moves all in or re-raises you I think you are in trouble
  6. id be very worried of a set here, straight you can forget about as well as a 2 pair, I doubt he would call your raise out of position with those cardsId fold or if I really thought he had 88,99 TT id raise to see where I was
  7. I would bet on the flop to see where I was, if he calls then id check (maybe bet again on the turn) and if he calls unless I river an ace or three im not gonna call his bet
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