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  1. Didn't see this posted yet but our boy DN makes a guest appearance in a LIFE OF IVEY segment.http://www.pokerroad.com/the_life_of_ivey/21
  2. I have to be up in 6 hours but I cant go to sleep until this is over. Hanging on every Ozy post.
  3. I would like to 2nd this thought. I enjoy pokervt so far, but i would be a perma-subscriber with the edition of some PLO vids/stregety.
  4. i have this problem at work but not at home.
  5. would be nice to have an option that got rid of the ALL IN button. Dangerous for misclicks
  6. In the book "The professor, the Banker and the suicide king" Michael Craig mentions in the chapter "picture day" that there was a photo taken of Andy Beal with Jen Harman, Ted Forrest and Doyle Brunson with a stack of 7.5mm in chips. Was just wondering if that picture was online at all. Did some googling but found nothing. I thought it was odd that he mentioned the picture, named a chapter 'picture day' but did not provide the actual picture in the book.I wrote the word picture alot.ALSO sorry for the botched Subject line... bleh cant change it now.
  7. Just curious 1) Why is Gavin such a d*ck to you? It seems like there is some history there that I should know about but it eludes my memory. Seemed to be definite tension there.2) What kind of watch were you wearing there?
  8. I left out that he was a LAG on purpose... I'd seen him 3-bet preflop 5 out of 7 hands. I saw him bluff a river and show A high on a J J K 9 3 board. Small sample obv but i think it's worth considering nontheless. I dont think we can rule out smaller pocket pairs and A10, K10 J10 given his aggression.
  9. It was a quote from an old SNL skit "Coffee Talk"...i didn't post this to get advice not to talk shots, though i guess i knew it would inevitably come up.
  10. from time to time I go up to 5/10 and play a few hands on Fri/Sat nights. I dont do this often, but I do it with success... At any rate -- tonight this hand came up. This is why I rarely play out of my BR. Party PokerNo Limit Holdem Ring gameBlinds: $5/$106 playersConverterPre-flop: (6 players) Worrrst is UTG+1 with Q Q UTG folds, Worrrst raises to $40, CO raises to $122, 2 folds, Worrrst calls.Flop: T 8 3 ($259, 3 players)Worrrst checks, CO bets $166, Worrrst raises to $400, CO raises all-in $1070, Worrrst ???No reads. Easy shove even with 1/3 of your bankroll on the table?"The radi
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