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  1. ah damn, saw this a bit late... o well I've been playing cash games all night anyways... wouldn't mind getting in on a barrage sometime however. GL FCPers!
  2. I like the idea of them airing some of this stuff on the net (for a reasonable price) or releasing a DVD. I think both are viable although I'm not sure if they are particularly profitable.
  3. right on. hopefully they turn around the anti poker legislation already
  4. sounds like a rough night... there's always tomorrow.
  5. word. wilco should pull that stick out of his a$$ and leave this thread the hell alone. anyone know how Eric Lynch is doing in this thing?
  6. Honestly I don't see the point of this software... aside from novelty reasons. looking for tells? seriously? Honestly I think it would be a little "too much information" - its bad enough seeing the supposed picture of some of these people in the form of an avatar (so many fugly *** avatars on PS... thank god you can disable them)... a video feed would be too much for me to handle (and I'm no brad pit I'm sure people wouldnt enjoy staring at my mug while debating a call). Plus the obvious technical restrictions (8 live video feeds + multiple tables. with a crappy computer or connection this cou
  7. That fixed it. Thanks for the fast response.
  8. PAH isn't finding any tables after the latest PS update - is anyone else having this problem? Thanks.edit - a little more info - I'm running the latest version 1.16 - it was working fine yesterday. I noticed that PS updated when I logged on tonight and PAH is now no longer working.
  9. Thats an interesting question. I wouldn't mind knowing myself.
  10. That really sucks man, as a fellow animal lover I can relate to your pain.
  11. Nice trip report - sounds like you had a good time all things considered.
  12. this is a step in the right direction. As for the guy who plays in a home game in Palm Beach county... I'm at Hobe Sound for the summer... may be interested in playing if the stakes aren't too serious and y'all are looking for some new blood(and if it's a reasonable distance from my place). Hit me up w/ a PM if your interested.... I might as well forward this to you via PM as well. Thanks.
  13. I know this may sound far out but why don't you take your debit card... load up FTP... and TRY using it?
  14. its interesting how people openly ask for money these days... no respect for a man and is hard earned $.
  15. And why do you think the tournament players are making the transition to cash games? For less variance and steadier returns...Arguments are made for both sides. Personally I don't think it would hurt to have a few tournies like the OP described. A lot of people obviously don't like the idea but for those that do... whats the harm?
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