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  1. if i am not in vegas i proboly will be there. what $ tourneys are you thinking about playing? also the grands fri nite buffet is seafood the lobster is killer. $20 for the buffet and 8 lobsters latter definatly getting the $ out of the buffet
  2. got a steal on flight tickets round trip for $150 but i can't find a room under $300 a nite on the strip. are there any links i could check out to get a room for a better price.also who's got the deals on food. thanks for the input
  3. rant aboupselling how about basic math phil got his first one in 1988 CARRY ON
  4. it warms my heart all of you peaple punchin the clock, enjoyed the link
  5. I started this little project out of curiosity. When I started this I was torn because of the pure amount of $ that I started to see.I did leave out one part of the stats and that was the % total amount of $ that came out of every events prize pool for the "staff". The reason I left it out was this, I did not want to start a pizzing match between the players and the dealers or vice versa.Trust me there is no reason for -ANYONE- and I do mean -ANYONE- to say because a person did not tip with his winnings that he sucks,axzhole,ect.... If you want to know the number get off your bunns and do th
  6. i can dodge bullets baby man when i hear that i want to lean over and fill my red bucket with my toenails coming out of my stomach
  7. pick a sunday i get bored and have to play with numbers used to be my member but it got to swollen and scabbed so now its numbers honesty is a biotch
  8. i was using what i found off the WSOP web site. there is a entry fee and a staff fee that is a % of what the total amount of the buy ins are from each event.i assume the entry fee is the "seat fee" that acid knight posted ealier. the %'s vary from event to event. i am trying to figure out how many peaple played in all events, the total amount of prize pool for all events,the amount of the entry fee{harra's sugar money}and the total amount of the staff fee for all the events.Heres a little taste from the main eventevent#55 THE MAIN EVENT$10,000 buy in6,358 players $63,580,000 total for prize p
  9. If you cash at WSOP is there a standard % that hara's pulls out of your winnings off the top, or is the % varried ?I know they pull a % for entry fees and staff and it varries. i am crunching some numbers and i need to know what the % is if it is not the entry and staff %the numbers i have added up so far and i am only in half way will make a person loose control of thier colon.the % that harrah's recieves for entry fee is astounding. i dont know if i will post all the info but trust me if you add up the prize pool and subtract the entry and staff % out of each event the #'s are out of this w
  10. defiantly so the netteller peaple just bent over and said rail my azz.now they have pleaded guilty its going to be tougher for the legaslation to get quashed.all of us in the states need to understand a sad as it may seem but its going to stay around.flame away but theres just to much behind the bill to have it fail.
  11. heres the deal look at how much harrah's put in there pocket off the main event alone. i am to lazy to look it up but i think it was close to 4 mill that did not go into the prize pool.6380? entries and a 57 mill prize pool,out of all the touneys how much did harrah's put in there pocket?when you win a tourney of that size what is the % that the casino pulls off the top of your prize to go to the dealers before you get your check?.the 4 mill they already pulled of the top proboly does not include the % you pay so the figure is way more than 4mill.I am a B&M player rarely do i play on the n
  12. big stack did you play any home games in copperfield? welcome to the forum
  13. An anecdote goes as follows: “The Germans shot down too many Allied bombers during the World War II, so the British sent for an American expert. The expert went to Great Britain to take a look at the damaged planes which had made it back. After considering the situation, the expert had extra armor installed to undamaged places of the planes.” Was the expert right, wrong, both, or none?Yes, he was!One could say that the expert was right: planes had made it back so any damage in them was apparently non-lethal, thus the existing damaged places did not need extra armor. To improve armor on non-let
  14. the twisted part of the vinne issue is the chair cashed. how many peaple next year are going to enter into a small number field of players and not play. why becuase the % is in their favor that the chair would cash or if you just posted your blind and folded when a bet was made.curious if rule will be made next year?
  15. http://www.rawvegas.tv/watch.php?vID=4426a...fdf8999f5325930may be an old one but gotta love poker chops+1 on the milk container pic of vinnie
  16. the first comic may have been a dry fart but what aboutvinny's pic on the milk carton +1. gotta love pokerchops
  17. if i ever had someone float one of my socks while in the can the dumbazz would be waking up in the hospital and the least of his worrys would be what kind of dentures to get
  18. how about going to a club and standing in piss to piss in the urinal.guess what on you laces of your shoes or in your house
  19. cannot forget the wrap around strait. was at a home game and a chick called it out and i was like wtf bourd was A239J because she had KQ she thought that it was a wrap around. I politely told her that doesn't play as i scooped the pot that she went all in with 2645.
  20. i thought i had a large pair but that avatar is off the chain
  21. let me see i see 1 not 3 dude get your ged
  22. milf?erik you'd proboly blow it all over the place as soon as a woman touched you.you know you have to have dck control if you want to be a "baller" flush the toilet
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