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  1. Happy New Years People!! My question is this...if I participate in two different Satellites or Qualifiers on Ultimate Bet that lead to the same Main Event and win a seat at both of them, do I recieve the entry fee to the Main event for the 2nd satellite I won?? Thanks for your help all and have a safe new years!!!
  2. I recently read on gambling911.com about the Million Dollar Poker Club Looking for 50 Stars for WSOP 2009. Now from what I understand is that they have weekly freerolls to monthly tourneys. In those tourneys some of the prizes had to do with lessons from pro's. Now my question is even though I live in the US am I allowed to play those freerolls and accept non-cash prizes such as lessons? Thanks.
  3. OK goto FCP home page and click on Daniel's VLOG the video it will bring you to is the one I am talking about. If anyone has any ideas please let me know.
  4. The dates for the weekend in vegas was for Aug 8th through the 10th for 2008.
  5. I'm curious to know about the video Daniel made regarding a weekend in vegas for 18 people to hang out with him. I am wondering if anyone has any more information on it? The video from Raw Vegas says it was put online January 2nd but actually seems prett new. I think this one be an experience of a lifetime and I hope to be a part of it. Thanks for any info.This is the info I have thus far. A website is currently being set up that should provide a more detailed account of what the trip includes, I'll post the link when I receive it. I know the guys putting this on, it's going to be first rate
  6. I'm trying to understand where the UIGEA puts US players in terms of online poker. I recently joined the poker players alliance and am trying to keep up, but for me seems like I have a lot more questions than I do answers.I'm grasping the fact that there are 4 Acts we are trying to pass/amend. HR 2046, HR 2610, HR 2140 and HR 2607. My question here is whats happening with them? They went to congress last year so when do they review what they learned, and do they? Is it illegal to play online poker if you live in the US? I was also reading about Deval Patrick trying to get 3 casino's in Mass wh
  7. I posted something a day ago about which site to put my money. I have decided for the deposit bonus to go with FT. Then once I have a bigger bankroll I just split between FT and PS. So for rakeback all I have to do is goto rakeback.com and register? It all just seemed too easy which is why I thought I would ask. Do I have to have money in my accounts when I register or can I do it before I deposit? Thanks everyone for your help.
  8. Ok stupid question. To sign up for rakeback all I have to do is goto rakeback.com and register? Do I need like a CC or something? It just sounded way to easy which is why I had to ask.
  9. Thanks all for the help. I am going to try FT first with the deposit bonus and rakeback. Does PS doe rakeback also? At what amount of money should I split between FT and PS. Oh yeah and Veener Schnitz you pic below your post is friggin hilarious. I laughed for a good 3 minutes on it.
  10. Ok so in December I had cashed out my entire bankroll ($600) due to Christmas and two birthdays in the same month. So it's been roughly 3 months since I have played really any poker. In about 2-3 days I should recieve my income tax check, woohoo. After taking care of some bills I should roughly have $500 let for myself. My question is should I put it all on one site? I used to play on UB but have an account with Full tilt, Poker Stars, AP and Doyles room. I think the only account I actually put money into was AP so I am able to recieve the initial deposit bonus from the other sites. Which site
  11. Is anyone going to the Foxwoods Poker Classic from March 24 to April 9? Just curious to know maybe a group of us could meet at one of the bars. I don't know I'm just shooting things out. I figured it's a good way to get to know a few ppl on here.
  12. The funny thing about that hand was that Serinda Swanson (a Guess Jeans model) was also at the table. Phil Helmuth said that he had to make sure she didn't do anything stupid. So when that girl folded AK it was the perfect time to end that table. Plus we were very hungry by that point in the day so right after that we broke for dinner. Lots of people had mixed feelings about that. I agree that it was a good fold.
  13. lol I hope not. Actually when they came out he had only good things to say. The funny thing is the very next morning 12 of us got eliminated. But it was an amazing trip.
  14. I had a quick question about transfering funds to my UB account from AP. As you transfer and deposit from one site to another can you put in the reload bonus code as well or not? Thanks for the help.
  15. Ok yes sorry for that I just really needed to vent that one out.
  16. Ok so I enter into the 150k Qualifier and fold most of the time. I have some notes on a few people at my table and notice a they are definately playing aggressive. So this hand with 20-40 blinds I have 10s 9c. THE_GUN_SHOW - FoldsMERSALIS - Calls $40PUREDIRT - FoldsIR0NFIST - FoldsUSMC53E1 - Raises $80 to $80SHOWTIME_RI - Calls $80UDRYV - FoldsLARSLYKKE - Calls $60MTWEETY113 - FoldsMERSALIS - FoldsNow I know USMC53E1 to play very very dumb (from many previous games). and Larlykke I figure has Ace rags.*** FLOP *** [10c 3d 3h]LARSLYKKE - ChecksUSMC53E1 - Bets $160SHOWTIME_RI - Raises $520 to $5
  17. Mostly I play .10-.25 NL or $7-$20 buy in depending on mood.
  18. I really like AP it's a good site but I do seem to prefer UB better. Anyone on AP tonight my name is Showtime_RI. Hit me up.
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