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  1. You know why Northern California is the best? Cuz we got the best shit. I would hate to be anywhere else.
  2. Moneymaker's final table was stacked. Even the last 2 tables were pretty solid. So I wouldn't say that beating the 8000 was harder than beating the 800. Gold had to deal with Cunningham at his final table but had such a massive chip lead by the time he even saw Allen that he had a large advantage. Moneymaker by no means ever had a large chip lead in the tournament. He had to go through: Ivey, Harrington, Farha, Lester, Vahedi. That is a pretty strong group to get through, not to mention he handled having Chan on his left for an entire day and ended up busting him.
  3. Obviously in order to win a tournament of that magnitude, with the fields as large as they are today, I would say it's almost impossible to win it twice. Even to make it through to the money now you have to go through more people than they even had in any of the MEs in the 90s. I just don't see why they have to be called flukes. Nobody ever plays perfect poker that is just a fact. It's not like any of these guys are terrible poker players. Many of them have done well in other events. As for the newer champs not doing much, they really haven't had an adequate time frame to accomplish much. Huck
  4. Clearly live here http://sandiego.craigslist.org/nsd/apa/657554067.htmlWas just looking for a place down there as well and thought I could help out a lil bit. Hope you guys find a place.
  5. Me and my friends had been away from our phones and tvs for over 6 hours, playing cards. Someone asked what time it was, so we made a pool to guess the time. Price is Right style for $20 per person. I said 4:57pm and it was 4:58pm. Proceeded to win $120. WEEEEEEEEEEE
  6. I would call every single time just for the fact that you have AA and are freerolling for the 20m. The worst thing that could happen is that 2 guys chop the pot. In that case you would get paid a chop of 3rd through 6th. If only 1 person beats you then you make a little more. I don't see how you fold when you have the best hand unless you are in a tournament where you don't need to win and can coast to the prize to the point where it isn't worth the call to lose.
  7. I guess you are right and it took me this long to figure that out. Thank you for pointing me in the way of correctness. Daniel has OBVIOUSLY been getting bent over at the tables.
  8. if he played 3 a month for 15 months that is only $450,000 so net profit= 900,000
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