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  1. I would definately get vol. 1 and 2 and read them in order. I haven't had a chance to check out vol. 3 yet so have no idea on that one yet.
  2. I think you played it correctly. You bet when you either thought you were ahead or could take the pot down. It's not often that an under pair is going to call on the river with all the over cards, so imo on the river the only call you will get is one that has you beat 95% of the time, so I think you are saving a bet 95% of the time.
  3. Not a very good example you have there. You are talking about something that two people own that is different that use the exact same service. The service I mentioned for the GSN show is NOT the same service that any regular player gets at their local Casino.I deal poker for a living and have play/ed different games at different levels at different times at different places and they all do not tip the same.When I deal 4/8 vs. 4/8 kill vs. 10/20 I average different amounts based on the type of game. Now I am not saying that because this is a super high level game where a pot could be over a 100
  4. Tipping $5 after any pot is huge as I would love to get that after each hand I deal. A few things on this that I would think though are that, I doubt the dealer is locked in for an hour in this game, probably two dealers rotating every 30 minutes plus I think it would be impossible to get 40 hands per hour in this game. I would think in this game that 30-34 hands per hour would be closer to the thruth, with it being closer to 30 for several reasons.So 15 hand per your 30 mins ( so if they do actually make on average of $5 per hand, that is still $75 per hour plus your hourly minimum wage.
  5. Actually I would think you are wrong in this situation. In this GSN game, there are several things that either are/or I would think of these players getting special treatment compared to your average player at the 3/6 limit game or 1/2 NL game.1) A private/secure room to play in.2) Hopefully a better/seasoned dealer who will make less mistakes and know how to deal all types of games which is what they normally play in the big game.3) 4 or 5 servers/women dress up to wait on ONE table.4) a floor person to worry about just ONE table.So their poker game could be a little different than your avera
  6. Wow, glad this thread got bumped, I remember reading it back when it was started. I must admit when this thread was originally started that I thought I would never fold KK preflop in a cash game, but I know for a fact now, that although it is very rare, maybe once or twice a year there are situations where I would fold KK.I can't remember who posted it now, but I recall somebody saying their read was that the other player had AA, but they still wouldn't fold KK preflop. I just don't get this statement. If this is your read based on the information that you have then you have to go with your re
  7. The info is still good from the point of giving you ideas of what things to look for and the info is right on when playing against novices.Now when playing against better players, you really have to decide what this info means, and some of it could be outdated as far as that goes.
  8. I know there was a post with links to this earlier, but can't seem to find them now, but does anybody have a link to strategy and starting hand guide for 6 handed play or less on low limits?
  9. I look at it this way, if a book can help you with one single thing in your game, it's worth it.
  10. Yep, it was surprising that is had some good points for a WPT that weren't already done 100 times over. I do think that you can get a few points that will help anybody in NL cash games. I had been strictly NL tourneys and some limit/spread for my cash games. I had only played NL cash games about 10 times, but after my last trip to Reno, I really wanted to start playing them more. His book definately helped me with a few problems of things that happened to me in my previous NL cash games.
  11. Pretty good book, I would recommend it if you are a NL cash game player. IT does give a few tips that will help your game that aren't in NL tourney books.
  12. I will just play the $500 or lower events unless I do really well there. Not sure of the tourney structure just yet, calling today to find out.
  13. Any FCPers going to be at the tourney this month? Would like to meet a few of you if so.
  14. Yep, very good! I wouldn't say it's better than HOH, but is a definate buy if you play NL tourneys. It most definately can help your game.Blair and Lee have a forum listed in the book, where they are very active in responding to questions on play in the book and how to use them in play.The book helped me with my biggest weakness of not being aggressive enough. It has 4 different levels of the style they teach, if you can use the level 3 and 4 styles where you use longball tactics and small ball both successfully, you can be a very dangerous player at the table.Hoyt Corkins is probably the most
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