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  1. Actually I have about 15k in debt. Because of school. Obv I'm trying to tp/m15k here, come on, help a dude out
  2. Mainly because I'd have to play way lower stakes on FT than I normally do on Stars, making the play kind of boring and pointless unless someone is staking me. It's not really so much a matter of need as it is of want.
  3. Damn missed... my FT account could use some love, only $32 in there.
  4. Monaco and ParaguayBlack Mountain Slide
  5. I'll guess he's from Uraguay or CroatiaAnd the song is Gallows Pole
  6. I've never deposited on FTP there and have a roll due to transfer from a friend.
  7. zomg best avatar ever. Just 1 question: Are they real?
  8. Are they listed under "special" on stars?
  9. Anything listed under "Special" on stars.
  10. I have the same problem, and I'm only about 10-15 feet (through one wall, horizontally) from my router. Just randomly disconnects every once in a while, and sometimes won't even pick up the network for a few minutes even though it picks up all of our neighbours' networks. I'm using this D-link router.
  11. Daniel, I'm curious as to why Pokerstars doesn't automatically give you Supernova simply for being on Team Pokerstars? You're definitely already a VIP and spokesperson for them so I don't see why you should still have to play as high volume as everyone else to get there.
  12. There is a lot of malware out there that will pretend to be an anti-malware program and "detect" viruses that aren't really there in an attempt to get you to buy the full version of their software (which is just more spyware and crap and never actually does the job it advertises). So don't pay attention to what the warning message says, as it's the message itself that is the problem and needs to be removed. Those things are also notoriously difficult to fully remove so be careful and make sure you're thorough.
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