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  1. Well I thought you were talking actual MTT's not SNGs but still... that is a good stat even if it is only 400 which is small. If you can afford it of course you should take a shot at it.
  2. I think I had an odd amount added to a check from stars once as well so it must be somewhat normal.
  3. you cash 40% ?? You might want to turn pro...
  4. 1-2 game has a cap of 15? that is a ridiculous amount of rake, amiright?
  5. yep something like that, only different... I was only commenting on what he said, not... ah nvm.
  6. 0% chance that it would ever be possible for one person to keep up with that many tables. Actually, less than 0.
  7. I live alone at school, am home on many weekends, don't eat out much... and I spend atleast $30-40 per week on food (just during the school week that is). How the F can you do it on less? (don't actually answer this question cause I read the answers, just sayin...)
  8. PS... King Tanner... if your sig pic wasn't cropped, that girl is actually sitting on my face. HA!
  9. whatr?? did anyone see cada on the van pelt show today?? I only saw like the last 2.8 seconds... errr, maybe 30. wondering if it was any good?
  10. has this been on pokerstars? Because.... I have had like the 3rd worst run this week in poker... ever. I think the percentages are switched this week, if you are 70:30... you will only win 30% I will investigate further, but I am on suicide watch as of right now so don't expect an update.
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