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  1. They Pump Clean Qxygen into the Casino anyway to keep you gambling sooo i wound't worry gamble all you want and wont die of soot Inhalation ,but when u come out that's a different story,then u might need a gas mask
  2. Okay so i need to learn to play like one now,since i got called one , it gots to be in my blood
  3. How About MAY 26th UFC 71 MGM GRAND GARDEN ARENA ?weird thing while writing this "wanted dead or alive" came on my ipod.. WEIRD
  4. Full Tilt Poker Game #2406419234: $1 + $0.25 Sit & Go (Turbo) (18211441), Table 1 - 120/240 - No Limit Hold'em - 3:15:55 ET - 2007/05/12Seat 2: TheMatt88 (1,510)Seat 3: Jossie_Babii_2 (3,300)Seat 4: Jace1942 (2,420)Seat 5: surtudo1 (2,460)Seat 7: PiperGal (1,335)Seat 8: xx cobra (685)Seat 9: LG305 (1,790)surtudo1 posts the small blind of 120PiperGal posts the big blind of 240The button is in seat #4*** HOLE CARDS ***Dealt to TheMatt88 [9s Ah]xx cobra calls 240LG305 foldsTheMatt88 calls 240Jossie_Babii_2 calls 240Jace1942 foldsJace1942 is sitting outsurtudo1 calls 120PiperGal raises to 1,33
  5. I just got one from US Bank last week and it worked,aslong as they say International use they should work right.I hope the US Bank ones still work,much can't change in a week can it
  6. She's okay,im not into blondes so u can have her."Hottest on the planet" has to be False Advertisement, Liz Lieu or Evelyn Ng probably the Hottest on the planet.
  7. Jessica Alba.... and Oh Congrats
  8. Wow this fight sucked,i was hopin Oscar would win,he pushed the action Mayweather just ran backwards and punched,my girlfriend was pissed when Mayweather came out with a Sombrero,and her dad was like i wish someone would run out there and knock that off his head,since today was Cinco de mayo and they mexican,anyway the fight i thought didn't live up to the hype Oscar did his part for waht an ageing fighter can do, but mayweather just keept running away and throwin a punch here or there i think Oscar pushed the action i would like to see a Rematch,but i think Mayweather gonna Retire as he shoul
  9. I had no idea what i was doing this hand,i think i was tired...lolThought's:Okay he just raised,he's just tryin to steal them from me cause im short stacked,okay im gonna show him,i'll re-raise and he'll fold and i'll take it down,Oh Hell did he just call,it's okay i still got it,we'll flop didn't help me but i got this,huh turn didn't help ether,but that's okay i'll get him on the river,damn well that's not the card i need,Wtf did i just do.Full Tilt Poker Game #2340914985: $10 + $1 Sit & Go (17673192), Table 1 - 200/400 - No Limit Hold'em - 2:09:29 ET - 2007/05/03Seat 1: TheMatt88 (1,91
  10. just dial 666 it will put you right through to his cell,don't know his email tho
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