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  1. barrec


    Lame.Stage #1056615107: Holdem Normal $0.25/$0.50 - 2008-08-22 03:10:43 (ET)Table: CYPRUS HWY (Real Money) Seat #5 is the dealerSeat 5 - DINA70 ($24.85 in chips)Seat 6 - BOTTLEHORSE ($10.15 in chips)Seat 1 - SPUNKWATER ($9 in chips)Seat 2 - SITTIING_OUT ($20 in chips)Seat 3 - WILSON25 ($5.90 in chips)Seat 4 - KIM1982 ($5 in chips)BOTTLEHORSE - Posts small blind $0.10SPUNKWATER - Posts big blind $0.25SITTIING_OUT - sitout (wait for BB)KIM1982 - sitout (wait for BB)*** POCKET CARDS ***Dealt to SPUNKWATER [Ah Ac] WILSON25 - FoldsDINA70 - FoldsBOTTLEHORSE - Raises $0.40 to $0.50SPUNKWATER - Raise
  2. I support drinking, New Orleans, and especially drinking in the city of New Orleans. Friend invitation sent!
  3. I have several favorites. But if I have to choose one, and the thread says so, I'd go with The Mars Volta's "Francis the Mute."
  4. Can't call any poker player retired. Harrington is definitely about as close as it gets in terms of big names not playing. I remember an interview he did about his book series where he said one of the main reasons for writing the books was to make money (duh). He probably likes the more reliable income. Who the hell wouldn't.
  5. From what I understand he doesn't play a lot of WSOP tournies. I don't even look for his name on chip counts though he's a favorite of mine when he does play.
  6. To educatedly guess, it's probably up to each casino. I agree the general ettiquette is that you don't have to show, though if someone wants to see they can probably 'legally' ask. The floor person should decide in all cases and I bet each casino decides for themselves. Hell, maybe even each floor person decides.
  7. wow. ... wow. putting on his sunglasses ftw.
  8. well i am pretty stupid, so it works. i obv. knew no one else had posted and wasn't sure if someone was going to beat me to it. also it was more of "?!" in disbelief rather than being unsure.
  9. Totally. And it doesn't come across as easy to me at all. I plan on getting married, too, and realize (and continually am realizing) the importance of work in a relationship. Relationships require daily work and sacrifice. And to the OP's credit, he's working hard now, and can be a good lesson as to why relationships require that work.
  10. I think Mark's comment allows for flexibility. To me his statement suggests one partner should look out for the other's best interest and you should trust your partner to do so. Obviously we can be blind to many pitfalls in life and a partner can help you navigate through them. If your wife has a problem with gambling in general, and you love and respect her, that might be a sacrifice you are willing to make if you want to keep her as your partner. As Mark put it, wife's happiness>poker. More broadly, wife's happiness>my happiness. Hard to do for sure. If it works, it works. In t
  11. excuse me? i can't tell what you're calling durrrr - a freak, large, gay or all three. and it's a darn shame you feel so strongly about it.
  12. Scott Clements is a cool guy. I played in a home tourny out of his garage on handful of occasions before he made it big online and then in vegas. Very down to Earth, still has a home in his home town of Mt. Vernon. Knows how to play cards, too. orly?
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