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  1. i believe ram claims they have won something like 50-100k from phil ivey prior to the big loss. and negreanu claims phil said something like 230k i believe. so theres at least one thing were somebody must be lying,edit: but since all of the parties concerned had a good reputation at highstakes gambling, i understand your point, i thing such a reputation must be deserved.so its kinda hard to believe that anyone of them would cheat.. 1.700k is a very big number, but considering the stakes they usually gamble at, its probably not AS BIG as it sounds to us mortal people : )
  2. lol me too, just saw that movie recently
  3. i would imagine daniel does loli like this forum, but its really alot more hating going on than in the full tilt forum for example...now who wants to be the first to say GO BACK TO FT .. : )
  4. first of all obviously i know nothing about this whole thing, except what ram and you wrote.what i ask myself is this: if ivey did NOTHING wrong, how come they met to see if the handicaps were fair. and came to the conclusion it wasnt fair, and ivey already agreed on figuring out the amount he should have won if the handicaps were acurrate?thats what ram wrote right? they wanted to see what the amount would have been, and he said no the match is void.if it happened like that, and ivey already caved in, theres gotta be something he did wrong. what juanda said (on aussie millions i believe) di
  5. lol that is funnyedit: your white arent you?in situations like that, theres always that one white person who yells RACIST, being way off.no hard feelings - its just funny to me dont wanna piss you off....
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