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  1. Whats your over/under on how many bracelets Mike ends up with?
  2. Where would you rank Mike has a mixed games player?
  3. If everybody else could afford how high do you think Phil would want to play in the big game?
  4. Assuming Phil is one of the best 7 stud players in the world, has he became an innovator in the game? I mean is he the first player that was really successful while playing very wild and aggressive? Has the way Phil plays gave him the same kind of disrespect at the beginning in the big game or Flynt game that he got when he first started online. I think you have said that online guys that they could beat him because he didn't play the game the way they thought was correct, but eventually he crushes them. Were there a lot of people who saw Phil play in the big game and who were licking thei
  5. What are some of the longest sessions you have ever heard/saw Ivey play and were they good ideas?
  6. You have regarded Phil as the best player in the world, and most people say that Chip Reese was the best of all time. How far do you think Phil is away from catching Chip of that title? In what games and areas of poker is Phil better and what games and areas does he have to improve to become the best of all time in your opinion?
  7. Contrary to popular belief people making donkey plays helps your game, it doesn't hurt it. Also, if your referring to it being a bad thing in general that poker knowledge is going down then you are wrong about that too. If people play bad poker continues. Only when everyone plays perfect will poker cease to be played.Regarding your question I think there have always been a lot of bad players and there always will be no matter what poker is shown on tv.
  8. I really think that the 1st few levels of a tournament are designed to make people feel like they are getting their money's worth. People don't want to bust out in the 1st level so they like structures like the 1st one. What really needs to be done is skip the first 3 levels and add 3 new levels in somewhere else. If these are my choices then the 2nd choice is definitely best.
  9. I think this is a huge misconception on your part. I don't think any tournament pro would ever fold a hand at any table if they magically "knew" they were gonna be 60% to win it for all their chips. Literally never.If you know you have an edge, you take it every single time. 60/40 is a massive edge.Sorry this is a quote, but I didn't know how to properly quote it. Anyways I'd like to know someone like DN's opinion on this because I'm certain that Phil Hellmuth has plenty of situations that he would fold even if he knew he was a 60% favorite. Actually I think Phil could find situations that h
  10. 5.5 to 1 sounds insane. I would like to know what the best sit n go player in the world's odds are of winning a 9 handed sit n go. I really would be surprised if he was expected to win 1 in every 6.5.That being said for this instance I do believe Ivey at 5.5 to 1 seems about right to me. First of all, Ivey is the best. Secondly, Daniel is right, so long as there are plenty of chips to play with, the chip counts become less important. Plus, the people that are at the top of the chip counts are some of the players that arent the best of players. Moon who has the biggest chip amount to over
  11. Yeah I've had the same problems in the past, and it took a while for me to finally figure out that losing 3/4 of my br was counterproductive. You have to figure out how to have self control. However, I've also had success by just excluding my self for 72 hours or so when I feel this type of tilt. Usually when I'm on such a large amount of tilt the constant staring at fulltilt gets to me. I usually have a moment or two of clarity before I completely lose my mind and I use that time to exclude myself.
  12. Yes of course I've seen a hero call that couldn't beat a bluff. I was saying I've never seen somebody show their king high (or at least the single king card) and not be told that it's good when its good. Once you know that your opponent has king high standard operation is to tell him that king high is good. Once you do this the king high will show gladly show their other card. The only reason I've ever seen someone ask to see the other card before confirming their own hand is when they know they can beat king high and just want to see the bluffer's other card. Savage says, if Roland's un
  13. I really can't believe I haven't read more negative posts about Tobias. I'll give you the ruling isn't bad, it's probably rules wise correct. However, as Matt Savage pointed out by saying if he could retrieve the right cards he would make the hand live, there is a time to live by common sense and logic. The muck isn't some magic death hole that when your cards touch it they disappear forever. The cards touched the edge of the muck and the dealer stopped them and flipped them over. If you throw the best hand in the muck after seeing the worst hand tabled thats one thing and you should be p
  14. Hey I'm in I sent you on FT MSC KingCon
  15. First of all, Dink you make a very interesting point about the 3bet flop line and the call c/r turn line. I've never specifically thought about it, but you are right the call c/r the turn line does look a lot stronger and I've rarely seen somebody bluff with that line. This is why I think your play could be a nice play. Your line looks extremely strong. I think Bob got most of it pretty good. The only way I think this is a good play is when your playing at the stakes your playing at. I think at most of the lower stakes everyone is too bad to understand your play or on auto pilot and will
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