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  1. I don't post here much, just lurk mostly. I have one question. Is everyone here always on Negreanu's nuts?
  2. Not my home game sir. I have been playing in this game for about a year and a half and it's always been the same. The 100k stack consists of about 20 total chips. Blinds go up very fast. There is a $100 chip, $200, $500, $1000, $2500, $5000, $10000, and $50,000.
  3. Playing in a $30 home game last weekend.Blinds 100-200 with a 100 ante. 100,000 starting stack.Guy in middle position raises all in 5th hand of the night. The pot is 1200. Everyone folds and the guy takes the pot. He flips over pocket aces.Donk who flipped over aces says: The only way to play pocket aces is to move all in preflop. Everyone at the table except me agrees. Everyone states that aces always get cracked and that's a good strategy.
  4. Wahlroos with a huge chip lead.....................lol 1Thomas Wahlroos21,350,000 $19,150,000 2Paul Lee2,930,000 $130,000 3Raymond Davis2,100,000 $300,000 4Kirk Morrison1,500,000 $230,000 5Phil Hellmuth Jr.1,400,000 $-50,000 5Grant Lang1,400,000 $930,000 7Scott Fischman1,200,000 $270,000 8Can Kim Hua1,180,000 $80,000 9Bill Gazes1,150,000 $260,000 10Mike Wattel1,100,000 $-230,000
  5. I was just wondering if John Juanda played in the WPT Championship. I didn't see his name anywhere. It would be kind of strange for him to not play in such a big tournament
  6. She's on a sick run. Broke about 2 weeks ago to playing in this.
  7. i had been playing pretty tight so i was hoping that someone would bet so i could pull a check raise. My plan worked great, except the donk called with a pretty marginal hand considering the circumstances.
  8. I just got done playing in a $50 buy in home game. 10 people left. Blinds 10,000-20,000 (start with 100k stacks). Two players limp in and I'm in the Small blind with KQ. I call and the big blind checks. The Flop comes: Ad, Js, 10s. I check in first position, two limpers check and the last guy to act moves all in for 215,000. I have him covered with 310,000 so I move all in. The limper to my left thinks for a while then calls off nearly all of his chips. Limper who called both all ins shows: As, 7h. The guy who pushed shows Qs, 10cThe turn: 9sRiver: 4sGG ME. Nice overcall buddy wi
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