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  1. Bummer, didn't make the list. Guess I'll go back to lurking now
  2. Started last night. Looks like a tough season, with afew interesting changes.
  3. Theres a new bitch every night. Congatulations, you made you tube
  4. that was a class move by the border agents. That whiny big brother chick was especially annoying ladt night
  5. Yeah, I thought the way they were talking that Sarah might have done it, but she was an idiot towards Tyler. He was responsible for the desert and that was her best dish. He was eliminated for not being able to break down a piece of meat so the dish of his that Sarah liked was his first dish he cooked. I do think Sarah was right not to try something that she had never tried before ( remember Karls's finals disaster ) but she could have been nicer about it
  6. to me it definitely looked like something that wasdone for a plot line. The last you see of Northwestern Jake was him leaving the boat after his sister died last year and it was obvious that the guys on the boat felt his pain and how close they all were. Now he is deing shipped out? I don't buy it. I hope I am wrong but it just seemed forced to me.
  7. The difference between the brothers is reaaly obvious at this point. Micheal talks about Kevin's food as if he is looking down on it. Bryan says Kevin's food is simple but when it is done right simple is great. Also, there is no way in hell that Micheal would help another competiter with something that he doesn't know. Helping Kevin with the sous vide procedured down to telling him the exact temperature to use almost is enough for me to root for Bryan now instead of Kevin. Here is hoping that these 2 are the last 2 standing
  8. At Turning Stone they put the tip case out, but when someone busts out I have actually seen the floor person shake it and say to remember the dealers. I have also seen them anaounce what the last tip was to get the next guy to go higher. I usually tip the extra chips that come with it ( usually $5 chips )
  9. Out in 5th for 140 bucksoh wellTrue Ace thanks for the supportwant a 5$ stake?
  10. Sitting 1 of 8 right now, in as pitchgod.Pays $522 for first
  11. Flying out Oct 9 through the 13th.Staying at Ballys ( 2 free nights ) for poker craps and betting football
  12. Would like to do this but can only pay on FT Is this possible?
  13. If I can ship on Tilt i would be interested
  14. Love this show. Plus they pick good chefs and the 10 grand really can help change their lives. Agree about the judge too.
  15. triple:6,15,165,6,16,16,195,6,10,15,16,19ticket $48
  16. pitchgod

    Wish Me Luck

    Rose,My wife had gastric bypas almost 2 years ago. Don't lose too much to fast it is unhealthy. Also, don't get depressed when you lose some weight and then plateau for a while. The losses will start again. Good luck and the most important thing is to listen to your doctor. ( My wife is a pharmacist so I know that sometimes a little medical knowledge can be a bit dangerous )
  17. Last season he had a blood clot pass through his heart, which most times would kill you. As they were about to leave for this season of fishing his doctor called and said there were still some clots present and if it happened at sea again it could kill him.
  18. I was surprised that Leah did not go home. When Chef Colichio called her out for quitting in the quickfire I though it was goodbye for sure. I also thought that Hosea might go home for not cooking the fish right, even though he knew what the problems were.
  19. How about when Pat Tillman is mentioned everyone drinks in his honor
  20. good game, you had a great run, hope you had fun.Instead of shipping to me how about you use my half to stake someone?Jack
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