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  1. haha come on im pathetic you MUST know i dont really have 25k to play you for right? and how long will it be before someone makes a post in the other thread about nwp about me actually thinkin GrinderMJ was serious?
  2. upwards of 200k?? didnt you see where i said 10k was a large percentage of my bankroll right now? and the offer for 25k sounds pretty enticing. I may have to take you up on that. Do you have a preference on the game?
  3. not every hand fckn special ed. most hands...just be a nit at that point is all im sayin whatever fck you too buddy
  4. www.proflowers.com fairly inexpensive, good quality, no problems
  5. that is ridiculous to even say. i know you are only semi serious but from winning those two tournaments he probably WILL get a sponsorship from full tilt since.And since when is close to a million dollars "only 850k?" i hope you prove me wrong and dominate this year JCthere is no NEGATIVE side to winnin hundreds of thousands...not in an online tournament anyways.edit: Hey Looshle....i was thinking about how you said stfu or i wasnt even gonna respond but whatever he did fu.ck it up for himself. IMO unless he already has a very comfortable bankroll then he made many mistakes. At the final tab
  6. haha please he could have waited for better hands i know you are probably 1000 times better than me at poker if not more (no sarcasm seriously) but why not slow down when you have a comfortable amount of chips?and it was just a question not meant to be negative...he obv did great to make it i was jus curious
  7. when u got to 200k+ in chips why didnt u slow down a little bit? i dont know what your hands were but clearly the hand where you get 28.9k and left yourself 89k you were weak....you would have easily made it to the top 12 if you slowed down a bit but gg anyways
  8. i dont know him i jus did the opr...i guess i could definitely be wrong he could be cash game or sitngo player but wasnt sure. maybe he was practicin either way 100k is alot of money
  9. imagine...fluff goes from playin $1 tournaments as recently as February of this year to winnin 100k+....hopefully the whole 516. TID GL
  10. it was capped at 64 but now its at 128....$3.2 million if it fills...pretty amazing for an online poker tournament
  11. haha she sounds like she wants to get railed by qyaqi....i heard he likes women like that
  12. already did i have a time machine
  13. no sht they cant both make the final table OBV reason for the DUMPPPP u nitz....lol at how serious everyone BUT gibler was about that....i kno he can win buku buck without cheating....gg
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