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  1. Just wondering if anyone knows what group or corporation owns party poker or any other online poker site. I have heard they make something like 400 million dollars a year in pure profits. Do you think they will eventually be taxed and regulated by the US government? Just wondering...
  2. Last night on party poker i was playing a 25/NL game. I limp in UTG with 33 and everyone limps to the button who raises the blind to $1.50. 9 players call putting about 13 dollars in the pot. Flop comes 8-3-8. Im am yelling sweeeet! I check, and it checks all around. Turn card is another 3. I know i have this pot so bad so i check again hoping to induce a bet. Late postion player bets out 2 dollars. I call and another player calls. 20 dollars in the pot now. Last card is a Jack. I make a value bet of $4. Next player raises all-in which was about $86. Next Guy folds, I call instanl
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