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  1. Nearest casino would be in Atlantic City....about 3 hours north. Gambling, from what I know, is illegal there. I live 25 minutes away.
  2. Royal Tour,I agree with your post. I understand my odds when calling 5x BB with just a pair of threes, as you mentioned the guy WAS a complete idiot. I was looking to out play him on the flop if it didnt look scary. I was fortunate enough to get paid on the river after flopping quads.
  3. Sorry, next time i want to share a hand, ill make sure not to provide any commentary so that you will not think I am giving a strategy or that I am the best poker player in the world. I am playing $50NL, this is a hobby..calm down.
  4. Playing in a $50NL ring game at Party Poker...my opponent leads out til the river where he gets the only card in the deck where can possibly call if he thinks im on a bluff:***** Hand History for Game 2746755245 *****0/0 Texas Hold'em Game Table (NL) - Tue Sep 20 20:47:35 EDT 2005Table Table 54822 (6 max) (No DP) (Real Money) -- Seat 3 is the buttonTotal number of players : 5Seat 1: Burtonate ( $16.82)Seat 3: stylez09 ( $50.60)Seat 4: ajb19 ( $103.45)Seat 5: MnotSangaman ( $78.20)Seat 6: bushmaster3 ( $28.20)ajb19 posts small blind (0.25)MnotSangaman posts big blind (0.50)** Dealing down c
  5. Thanks, I just noticed that I had the turn card as another 7. It was actually an 8. That would've been a retarded statement to say "Lucky River" Thanks for registering to point that mistake out.
  6. Alright, I'll renig my orinal theory. I PERSONALLY never slow play aces after I had been busted by a 2-outer myself. I just thought in this situation where the SB with the aces decides to limp in with 3 in front of him was a risky move. Of course, if everything works out according to probability, the guy with aces should take down the pot. But correct me if I am wrong, with more players in the hand, doesn't the Aces have a better chance of getting cracked? I like to isolate my opponents to one or two and make a nice bet on the flop to get rid of any draws. In this case, yes I was EXTREME
  7. Best.Fish.Quote.EverHe obviously saw how you played recklessly throughout the tourney and induced a bluff. It worked, but you hit a 2 outer!After the flop you are 9% to winAfter the turn you are 4.6% to winIf you like those odds, we should play sometimeI played recklessly? Didn't I clearly state that I had not played a hand for nearly 45 minutes and each time I was in the pot I took it down? I never showed a bluff or any hand that I used to steal blinds. I know I should have lost the pot here, obviously if he raises my blind I fold but he limps in with 3 others in front of him. I never slo
  8. First off, did anyone play in the $10+1 MTT on Party Poker last night at 8:30 PM EST? If so my ID is the same as the on here on FCP...Anways, I decided to play this tournament last night because I really didn't have anything to do. I usually stick to the $50NL cash games but wanted to give one of these tournaments a shot. 1767 entrants were registered with first paying over $3600. I really didnt care about any other money finishes besides 1-4 which paid over $1000 so that played into my strategy as the tournament progressed.When it started, I found junk for cards. I literally did'nt play O
  9. What do i get out of lying about this story? I know what happened and I am just trying to share my experience with everyone. They did rake the hand, and each time i won i tipped a good amount. I just wanted to know if this had happened to anyone else. The dealer simply asked if everyone agreed to the "showdown hand" before he continued. Everyone did, so it happened.
  10. I just remembered this story and was meaning to post it when it happened last fall in AC but I just forgot to do it. So here it is:I am playing 1/2 NL (300 max buy in) and get 120 in chips and sit down at a full table. Sitting around me are a bunch of college kids and younger adults. I proceed to build up my stack to around 200 when one of the players says, "Lets all put 20 dollars each in front of us and not look at our cards. Flip the cards over and whoever has the best hand takes down the pot". I was like huh? Are you serious? Everyone was like, alright, lets do it. The dealer agree
  11. Hi all,I know I dont post much but I read up on these forums every day. I am not a newbie by any means and at the same time I am nowhere close to a lot of the people's skills on this forum. I would just like some advice on my current bankroll and whether or not it is advisable to move up in limits.I have built my originial $100 deposit into $900 on party poker. I have been on an incredible rush at the $50NL tables (playing just one table at at time) this past week. I have profited over $500 in the last 6 days alone (i know i know, chump change to most of you) and I feel very comfortable an
  12. fine. next time i know to just shut up and say "nh". sorry.
  13. Ok this is just a funny post I would like to share with all of you. I was playing party poker last night on a 6-handed $50NL table when the following hand comes up. I am in the Big Blind, 2 call, Dealer (the fish) calls, Small Blind Completes, and I check with 94 offsuit. FLOP: 8 6 3 Everyone checks aroundTURN: 4 Late position bets .50 into a $2 pot, Dealer calls, I fold, MP callsRiver: 6 MP checks, LP checks, Dealer Checks.....Dealer has 86 and rivered a full house, other two had two pair...I comment: did you just check your full house???Fish: I was hoping that someone made their hand
  14. I totally agree with you. It doesnt seem fair that a player who beats out twice as many people gets paid the exact same. I think it may be due to the fact that Harrah's and ESPN wanted the entire final table to make at least one million dollars. Do you think it would have been better to only pay lets say the top 400 in order to increase the amount of the top 4-5 players prizes? Or would this be unfair since the percentage of cashing is less than 10 percent.
  15. Oh, I thought that the full 10k went into the prize pool, and an additional 500 or so went straight to Harrahs.
  16. Looking at the information on cardplayer.com it states that there are:5619 entries for a $10,000 buy-inThe prize pool should be at $56,190,000Why is the prize pool listed for the main event "only" $52,818,000?Am i missing something here? Isnt the buy in actually $10,000 + $500 of which Harrahs is making a very nice return ($500 x 5619 entrants). Why is there an additional 3+ million taken off the prize pool? Also, last year there were 2500+ entrants and first place took a health 5 million. This year, there is more than double that, yet first place takes only 50 percent more than last year.
  17. Hoosier,Thank you so much for your insight on my play. Very helpful post and I will definately be using this in the future. I did want to win the whole thing and not just creep into the money. Now i know.
  18. Hi all,My finish is probably very modest compared to most of you here in the forum but I would like to share with you my experience last night on party poker. The buy-in was $15+1 and with about 30 minutes left to register there were about350 signed up, so I liked my chances and decided to sign up. Next thing I know, the tournament starts and there are 1521 entrants!! First place would get just under $5000, how sweet would that be? Anyways, I played tight and played in late position (thanks for the strategy here at the FCP forum) and was able to weed through the mine field of overly aggres
  19. For this thread assume you are playing me in this hand on party poker at the $25 no limit table. This was an actual hand that occured last night and I want to see if the guy was an idiot or I was an idiot.You raise in the CO postion 8x the big blind ($2) with A 7 . All fold to me and I reraise you to ($6). You reluctantly call (no idea why but you are a fish so you do) to see the flop. Flop comes J 4 8 . You are first to act and check to me. I have about $24 in front of me and want to get rid of any flush or straight draws so I am all in. You have about $26 in front of you and ha
  20. if your face was a poker hand...i would fold it every time. Lets see what it really looks like without all the lighting and makeup. I will still fold.
  21. Anyone here watch the Stu Ungar Story? What are your reviews? I plan on buying it today...
  22. I think you played that hand perfectly. I always worry about another player having a low set when i flop TPTK. Even when i flop the top 2 pair I somewhat get paranoid unless I have a great read on my opponent. The value of gaining the extra bets in this case is to risky when you think your opponent had flopped a set. It is very difficult to let go of the top 2 pair and I think just calling his bets was a good play. Just my $.02.
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