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  1. sitting with 33kavg is 13k443 left (2000 entries)
  2. Well that's all folks. Finished 6th for a payday of 70 dollars.Lost with JJ vs. AKMy tourney life was over when I made a bad laydown with 8 left.UTG goes all in for 9795 i have about 30k in chips. I get dealt AJ and call. SB wakes up and goes all in for 20K total. I fold. They show 33 vs. 10 10. If I call that hand i have over 60K in chips and in good position to make it to the end. Oh well, I am happy with the cash.
  3. Im at my first final table on Party Poker..only a 10 dollar tourney with 99 people but still my first.Tournament 630338My screenname is: stylez09Come rail me!
  4. Tournament 612200Name: Stylez09Anyone else in?
  5. With the stack starting at 3000 and blinds at 20/40, I was wondering what kind of strategy the players here at FCP have. I usually play in the 10+1 tournaments and will sometimes venture up to 30+3 depending on the prize pool. My goal is not to cash a few dollars, I want to reach the final table at the minimum.I seem to play too tight in the early stages of the tournament and by the time I make a move the average stack is well above mine. Is it correct to play fairly loose and agressive during the early stages of the tournament and accumulate chips? Or should I play tight until the blinds
  6. I see that you learned something from CrackofmyAce
  7. Last night I came acrosss a hand that still bothers me this morning. I forgot to get the hand history but I remember it all too well. I am sitting at a 100NL table at party poker with about 135 dollars. Villain has 180+, I have been raising in position all night with good cards and have taken several uncontested pots but have shown the goods at the river. I am on the dealer position and Villain is on my immediate right. Everyone folds to the Villain who limps in. I find Q Q and raise it 4x BB. Both blinds fold and Villain Calls.FLOP: 3 6 8 (Pot is $10)Villain Checks. I raise $
  8. I heard Dick Cheany shot someone while Quail Hunting!!! :roll:
  9. That actually is a good idea, that way I'll pay a bit more attention to my $100NL table but be able to get experience in multi tabling without too much risk of losing another 100 dollar buy in at the other table. I will try doing this until I feel comfortable.
  10. I was wondering if any of you have ever multi-tabled NL cash games. If so how many tables at a time do you play? I have tried just 2 100NL tables and it seems a bit hard to conquer. I am better at just concentrating on one, but at times I do get impatient and thus tried adding an extra table. Would you reccomend just playing one table and observing all the players styles or migrate to two and see what happens?
  11. how much did you invest in this tournament?
  12. Good Job Hoosier!How much money did you win?
  13. What are you going to do with all the money you have won today? Are you gonna cash some out and enjoy or just build your bankroll?
  14. only one way to remedy that...leave it to fate...ALL IN preflop every time
  15. Sorry, Im at work..can someone give me a quick update as to the chip position our hero is in and how many left? Thanks.
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