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  1. How many left? Chip stack vs avg?
  2. Im at work and would like to know the stats of the tourney...How many entered?What does the top 3 pay? What does 30th pay?And finally...take it down
  3. oops sorry about that you are correct...yeah i wrote it wrong in there I guess.
  4. Good game. How much was the cash?
  5. For those of you who don't know, I was able to place second in a $33 buy-in tournament on Party Poker Last night for a nice cash of $2200. The final table thread can be read here.I was actually about to pass on playing because I opened up the tournament lobby and there were only about 30 some odd seconds left so I decided to just play cash games for the night since I also had to wake up early today. But I figured, might as well have it running on the side and see what happens.I played fairly tight in the beginning stages of the tournament and after the first break I was slight below average
  6. And I bust out in second... had A9 and got all in preflop and he had JJ...cashed out for 2200..my best ever...played same tournament a few weeks ago and got 5th for about 844...Thanks for those who railed me
  7. busted one with AK vs AJAA vs KK !!! and it holds up! second in chips now!
  8. got very lucky...doubled up when i moved all in with J10 and was called by the BB with A5...flopped a jack and rivered a 10 to win a nice pot.OMG..connection was lost..i was able to log back in but i cant get back into the table...dammit!ok back in...
  9. lowest stack now at the table....looking for anything decent after the break and gonna push
  10. Shortstacked...Tournament 685319Come Raile Me
  11. The seat is worth $12500 through Party Poker. Does Party Poker use the extra 2500 in cash and buy you a package including hotel/airfaire/misc costs? I would assume since Party Poker is sending over a 1000 players that they will put everyone up in the same place? Or is the extra 2500 for the player who won it used at their sole discretion?
  12. Why??? I would have been in great position to start this tournament...geeez***** Hand History for Game 3981521845 *****0/0 Tourney Texas Hold'em Game Table (NL) (Tournament 22134454) - Fri Apr 14 22:34:36 EDT 2006Table $40K Gtd.(662631) Table 231 (Real Money) -- Seat 1 is the buttonTotal number of players : 10Seat 1: Castenada (10165)Seat 2: riverhor_ (4500)Seat 3: edved (2838)Seat 4: youngjoosuh (8209)Seat 5: imikec777777 (2940)Seat 6: Spellbound11 (1898)Seat 7: surfshark123 (3623)Seat 8: orange202 (2093)Seat 9: stylez09 (3445)Seat 10: TH853795 (2587)riverhor_ posts small blind (20)edved
  13. My biggest single purchase from winning is an XBOX 360 ($400).I am curious as to see what some of you have splurged on with one giant amount.
  14. dammmit...ran into JJ with A8cashed out for 844...Thanks for all those who railed
  15. dannnng how lucky am I????!!!
  16. Trust me...I really wanna push
  17. Card dead right now..cant even steal..people going all in before me
  18. up to 180K....won nice pot with 10 10 on a 9 high board
  19. Stylez09 is my nameunder avg stack right now...i could use the supportFirst pays over 4kEdit: forgot to tell you all: Tournament #654578
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