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  1. adanthar's blogHe's been guiding this whole thing and hopefully will manage to put a constructive spin on the show - the encouragement of regulation and taxation of the online poker industry. I think there's a good chance this could actually be good for online poker.
  2. cheesies

    A7 Otb

    Why?Not meaning to follow the flock too much or anything, but general wisdom is that a stack of anything under 10-12 bbs, you have one move - shove. I still don't really see an argument otherwise. If you are going to fold to a reraise, raising in the first place is a mistake. I'd literally rather open fold than raise/fold. And open folding an ace on the button with 10bbs is... sick and wrong!
  3. cheesies

    A7 Otb

    Sorry, I should clarify, I mean if you raise to 1500 with the 10bb stack are you folding if either of the blinds shove on you. Basically I want to know if you are happy to put in 25% of your stack and then fold. Becuase that would be a huge leak imo.
  4. I know there are a lot of opinions on this, but imo, knowingly passing up any cEV edge (when cEV=$EV) is a mistake. But I agree, actively pushing tiny edges for huge amounts of chips isnt the way to go either. Chipping up slowly but surely is good
  5. Wow. really? Folding 88 with 10bb effective stacks is just weak/tight play. Ax and 22-77 are all possible. Lots of the flipping hands will only be in his range becuase you are opening a restealing opportunity for him, which you can eliminate by pushing. Shoving is far far better than raise/folding. Assign him any calling range you like and it's profitable.
  6. I'm not saying 45bbs is short, just too short to be folding ak pre, unless in extreme circumstances. And it's true, I might play this differently in a $100 mtt. But this is a $10 mtt, so we should look at how to play it in this situation. Side-tracking and talking about how to play it at other levels is fine, but to respond to the hand in question all things must be considered, including buyin. In $10 mtts, I think you could profitably NEVER fold AK preflop, regardless of action.
  7. Your stack is a little short for a go and go, but I guess a raise to 3xbb and then shoving any flop isn't too bad. I don't like a minraise - screams strength and if you get 1 caller you end up pushing 950 into 550 which is awkward. I personally just shove pre - AQ calls, AJ/QK often call. And if everyone folds then you increase your stack by nearly 15%.
  8. cheesies

    A7 Otb

    Hm. I understand wanting to play post-flop, I just think you have very little room to play with such a short stack. But I agree it depends on the stacks behind us - a 10bb stack is a lot less likely to call and make a move on the flop than a 40bb stack. So do you call if you get shoved on pre?
  9. Yep, you need to fold this. Even if utg doesn't have a monster (which he will alot of the time) neither are folding to a shove, and you're not hitting the flop hard enough often enough to call - I'm not even calling if everyone in the hand has 100bbs. Plus you can get roped into calling a flop bet (which will be a 1/3-1/2 pot bet) if you flop an 8 or something.
  10. yeah, I probably go with a flop check for pot control/deception, bet/call turn and a small value river bet/call river, unless his bets are huge/i get check-raised, etc.
  11. Stack preservation and 'tournament life' are the most misapplied concepts in tournament poker. You should indeed be pushing every edge - it seems like you're off to a good start. Keep it up and the result will follow
  12. It's a call, especially if he's known to makes moves preflop. With 10bb effective stacks you could've shoved pre if you want, but raising and letting a weaker hand shove over the top is ok. The advantage in shoving is that you stop junk hands like J9 shoving and thinking they have fold equity, whilst actually flipping against us. I'm probably shoving pre for this reason. But we're not folding a mid pocket for 6.5bbs more, getting over 2:1. Call, and win the race obv
  13. It seems like you're being results-orientated. Folding the river as played is a mistake. As we've mentioned, the passive flop and turn play mean that the villain could be betting a wide range of hands here. Also, I really don't get leading the turn A. Why would you represent a scare card when your hand has showdown value? You don't want hands like 99/QT/air folding. They might draw out on you now and then, but the rest of the time you're getting enough value for it to be worthwhile.
  14. cheesies

    A7 Otb

    You calling if you get shoved on with the 10bb stack? If so, why not increase your fold equity by shoving? If you get called by BB you could easily be in a very uncomfortable position post-flop. If not...ew.
  15. cheesies

    A7 Otb

    Shove 5 and 10. If BB will call with a huge range, and wont care about my overbet, I might shove 15, but rarely. Probably a raise to 1500. Pretty awkward stack size, raise folding there seems like a bit of a leak, but folding A7 4 handed is weak. Definately don't like a non-shove raise from either of the smaller stacks.
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